Kuda & Ruth Zvinoera

Kuda & Ruth Zvinoera

Transforming lives of at-risk youth and their families through education

Ruth and Kuda are based in Harare, Zimbabwe where they co-founded the Kuvamba Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk kids through education.

In Zimbabwe, education is not free and many families struggle to pay their children’s tuition. Children in Zimbabwe often start school late, attend sporadically, or are forced to drop out of school when tuition cannot be paid. Ruth and Kuda are currently running a school through Kuvamba for at-risk kids in a rural community just outside Harare. The school is donor-funded through scholarships for the students.

To partner in Ruth and Kuda’s ministry, please consider giving a monthly donation to support their work. Donations to them personally can be made by using the donation option Ruth and Kuda Zvinoera P140RCC below.

Donations can also be made directly to Kuvamba to sponsor a child’s education through a monthly donation of $30 or to fund Kuvamba’s other projects, including student breakfasts, construction of classrooms for their school, and community programs. To give directly to Kuvamba, please use the Kuvamba Trust P158KT link below.

To give to Ruth and Kuda or Kuvamba by check, please make checks payable to:
Community Vision International
P.O. Box 33286
Portland, OR 97292
Memo: P140RCC or P158KT Scholarship/Classroom/Kuvamba
Let’s transform lives together.

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