R. G.

Empowering the Poor

During his college years RG "stumbled into" the role of volunteer football coach and athletic director at a juvenile prison in Los Angeles. That divine appointment and many others like it led to life-long involvement in urban inter-cultural ministry. This eventually expanded to include international work in developing nations and war-torn communities.

Having witnessed firsthand the destruction caused by war and its aftermath on several continents, as well as the hopelessness and violence found in the world's slums and shantytowns, RG has committed his life to obeying Jesus’ Great Commandment to love God and neighbor. He has seen people and communities transformed by the hope, healing, and reconciliation of Jesus Christ. Adopting an approach that seeks to address the whole person—body, mind, and sprit—RG is involved in serving broken communities in practical ways that affirm the dignity and potential of local people, avoiding dependence on outsiders.

RG seeks to help develop improved models of community development that prove more effective, comprehensive, and reproducible. To achieve this goal, he is involved in training, mobilizing, and networking, with a desire to encourage individuals and organizations from diverse and often disconnected areas of expertise to work together to achieve common goals.

Due to frequent work in regions of the world that present a security risk, RG prefers to keep a low-profile on the Internet and so uses only his initials on this website.

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