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Teaching literacy and language skills to the disadvantaged

Granddaughter of Danish and German immigrants, Katy grew up in Washington State in a small lumber town which existed mainly by its products. At age 13 she moved to Portland OR where she completed high school, undergraduate studies earning a B.S. in Education in 1971, and her M.S. in Education with a Reading Endorsement in 1980. Katy moved to Denmark in 1985 where she worked with a volunteer team for two years.

In 1994, Katy returned to Oregon where she received training in the Spaulding phonetics method. Coached by Dr. Richard Reves, she formally launched, her own reading service in 1999 called Youth Works! which includes Reading Works! and other services for the poor and underprivileged.

While carrying on that work, Katy adopted new training methods in teaching English as a second language, and in teaching writing. Katy seeks to bring hope as well as reading, writing and other skills to disadvantaged, struggling youth, mothers and grandmothers.

Having taught in English as a Second Language classes in public schools and individually on her own time, Katie and a friend have been invited to teach a supplementary writing class in a local school for students from various cultural backgrounds.

At another venue, Katie and another friend have developed large, illustrated, cartoon-style learning materials, employing ESL methods for teaching vocabulary conversationally. She is willing to share these materials with those who write to her.

As an avenue to connect with her neighbors and to develop relationships, Katie invites girls and their mothers to a workshop to make jewelry, which proves both enjoyable and an opportunity to engage them in conversation on life-transforming issues.

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