Juno Wang

Juno Wang

Catalyzing a movement of equippers for glocal community transformation

Juno came to the United States from Taiwan for higher education wherein she earned her Masters degree in Business Administration. Following her graduation, she worked at a Chinese NGO in the U.S. for almost 18 years.

In 2009, Juno realized an opportunity to combine her Taiwanese backgrounds and university training with her more-recently developed American and Chinese NGO bicultural skills. That opportunity led to her becoming involved in numerous multi-ethnic community services that continue to this day.

In 2012, to publicly validate and strengthen her intercultural/multi-ethnic capacities, Juno began advanced intercultural and intercultural communication studies. By the end of May of 2014, she had earned her Masters degree in Intercultural Studies.

In 2016, while providing intercultural training to multi-ethnic communities, and after learning that there is no intercultural training available for multi-ethnic community workers, Juno began to pursue her Doctorate in Intercultural Studies. While studying, she also coordinated intercultural training through 2018. For her doctoral dissertation and to even better understand the struggles of serving multi-ethnics, Juno focused on trying to understanding the lived experiences of selected, regular trainees and her participant observation.

Being a bicultural person and multi-ethnic community practitioner/worker, and having earned both a Masters and Doctorate in Intercultural Studies, Juno now sees more than ever the need to train new and developing, near and far multi-ethnic workers with relational intercultural skills. For her own and others’ additional benefit, Juno also plans to soon publish her storybook.

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