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Teaching and training for Chinese

Born and reared in Taiwan, J.S.L. came to the United States in 1988 to attend college. After she had worked as a computer professional for about eight years, she moved from Silicon Valley to Portland, Oregon, for further education, earning an MA degree in 2004. Speaking Mandarin, Taiwanese and English, J.S.L. has served various Chinese communities through teaching and caring. J.S.L. finds her joy in seeing others transformed, growing and serving others. She also enjoys travel, reading, making friends and leading study groups.

JSL teaching students at a retreat in Asia

Enabling Laotians to transform their communities

J.S.L. also works with missionaries who operate inside Laos. They visit households in neglected villages, bringing needed reliefs to the poor along with emotional and spiritual support. This operation is meaningful since Westerners and foreign organizations are not permitted into sensitive regions where J.S.L.'s co-workers can blend in with locals.

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