Tyson and Gina Carr
Tyson and Gina Carr

Srengthening  Individuals and Families to Transform Communities. 

Having met in 2006, following their university years, Tyson and Gina were married in 2008. They now have two boys, Samuel and Luke.

Tyson graduated from North Carolina State University, in Business Management, and Gina from Texas A&M, in Early Childhood Education. Since then, both Tyson and Gina have been involved in education, mentoring, and community development work, both locally and overseas.
In 2013, the Carrs moved to Mozambique, Africa, as educators and mentors, to meet physical and spiritual needs in rural areas. However, after months of suffering with malaria and other insurmountable illnesses, they had to return to the USA.

Nevertheless, this life-changing experience served to catalyze their current community transformation work, that of helping others experience healing and wholeness, by offering tools that help strengthen individuals’ and couples’ understanding of the value of  healthy marriage and family.

Through marital and family transformation, the Carrs seek to have a lasting impact on homes and communities, through lasting culture change that will impact generations to come.

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