Tres & Susan Crone

Transforming communities through locally-replicable methods

Tres was raised on or around U.S. Air Force bases in several countries, mostly in the Philippines, where his family got involved both with servicemen far from home and with the local communities, finding and meeting felt needs. This included adopting and fostering children in their home. Tres moved back from Germany to the U.S. with his family, where after a few years in the market place, he returned to school for leadership training. He worked with a local community before going to Kenya to work with teams.

Tres met Sue in Kenya, where she was also working with community leaders. Susan was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. They returned to the US in 1993 where they were married and started their family, while working with local schools and communities. Tres also volunteered as a pilot, flying humanitarian missions to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Tres and Sue returned to Kenya in 2003, working with a holistic project addressing needs of AIDS-devastated communities. Sue designed and directed camps for aids orphans, while Tres partnered with local leaders to establish new works in isolated areas. They sought to help transform communities and offer hope to those living in despair due to many societal, economic, environmental and spiritual pressures.

The Crones are now establishing similar communities in the U.S., raising up and training local leadership.

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