Paul-Timothy Checklist #1

Mobilize “2nd track” labourers

p  Explain the need for a “2nd track” of tiny flocks.

·         Older denominational churches in general have become havens for aging believers, out of touch with today’s secular population.

·         The many current movements towards Christ in which churches multiply rapidly through conversion are made up almost exclusively of tiny flocks with lay leaders.

·         Through such tiny “rabbit churches” more people are coming to Christ today each year than ever before in history. These house churches normally require only what the New Testament requires of a church.

p  Commission volunteer “labourers” by laying hands on them in a public ceremony.

p  Form small teams of volunteer labourers (2 or 3, normally) and prepare to harvest.

Volunteer labourers (members of a specific team)…

·         Agree on a team leader.

·         Discern a “ripe field”.

·         Bind their agreement to multiply tiny flocks in that field in the way Jesus said: two or three agree and in His name to carry out a their objective, to have the project bound in heaven.

·         Begin prayer walking or in some other way find “persons of peace” as Jesus said.

·         Team leader uses CHECKLIST 2 team leaders track progress of new flocks.

·         All team members use CHECKLIST 3 volunteer labourers who start tiny flocks.

·         All who train new leaders use CHECKLIST 4 trainers of new shepherds & labourers.

p  Hold team leaders and labourers accountable on a regular basis as they plant tiny flocks.

·         Use this checklist, and let team leaders report progress and problems to you.

·         Also let labourers give regular, brief reports to the “mother church”.

p  Maintain cordial relations between the tiny “daughter” churches and “mother” churches.

·         Sustain fervent prayer and keep encouraging labourers, because the old dragon always counterattacks, inflicting pain, when new flocks start multiplying and he must yield terrain. Be 100% sure of this.

·         Stop any sniping from either the “rabbits” or the “elephants” immediately.