Jesus Healed a Man and Sent him Home
to Tell about it


Prayer. “Dear Lord, please use this study to help the children and their teachers to tell other people about you in a way that is easy to understand.”

Choose any of these children's learning activities that fit their ages and current needs.

Let a teacher or older child read or tell by memory the story from Luke 8:26-39 about a man whom demons were tormenting. It tells how Jesus healed him and sent him home to tell his family and friends what God did for him.



After telling the story, ask these questions. [Answers appear after each question.]

·         What did the demon-oppressed man do when he saw Jesus? [See verse 28]

·         Why did the man say his name was Legion? [Verse 30]

·         Where did the demons go after leaving the man? [Verse 33]

·         What happened to the pigs? [Verse 33]

·         Where did Jesus send the man after he freed him from demons? [Verse 39]

·         What did Jesus tell the freed man to do? [Verse 39]


Important note: A good way to teach people about God is simply to tell them in your own way what Jesus has done for you. Tell it the same way you would when telling any good news such as finding a very precious pearl.



Dramatize parts of the story of the man that Jesus freed from demons and sent home.

·         Arrange with the leader of the main congregational worship for the children to present this drama. You do not have to use all the parts.

·         Use your time with the children to prepare the drama. Let older children help to prepare it.

·         Let older children or adults play the parts of the Healed Man, Wife and Narrator who summarizes the story and helps the children remember what to say and do.

·         Let younger children play the parts of Family and Friends.


If there are not enough children to play all the parts in any of the dramas, then ask neighbour children to help, or have the narrator say who the person is in the story and read his part.


Narrator: Read Luke 8:26-31 or tell the story by memory. Then say, “Hear what the freed man says,”

Healed Man: “My family and friends, I have come home to tell you what great things Jesus of Nazareth did for me!”

Family and Friends: Run and gather around the man. Say such things as, “Look, he is in his right mind!” “He is dressed correctly!” “He can talk normally!” “Who did it?”

Wife: “Husband, you were crazy! You slept among the tombs! You cut yourself!”

Family and Friends: Say things like, “Father, what happened?”
“You were called ‘Legion’ since many demons entered you!”
“We thought we would never see you again.”
“We missed you!”

Healed Man: “Jesus of Nazareth came and sent the demons away! They went into a large herd of pigs. Then the pigs ran over a cliff into the sea and drowned.”

Wife: “I want to go see Jesus!”

Healed Man: “He did wonderful things for me. I wanted to go with him, but he sent me home to tell you about Him. He loves you, too.”

Narrator: Thank everyone who helped.


Questions. If the children dramatize this story for the adults, then let them also ask the adults the questions above.

Ask children to tell about other examples of things that Jesus has done for us that we can tell other people.

Draw a simple picture of someone reading a newspaper. Let the children copy it.



·         They can show their pictures to the adults at the next worship time.

·         Let them explain that this illustrates that we have good news to tell, that Jesus conquered all the forces of Satan, including demons and death.

Memorize Romans 5:8

Poem. Let three children each recite one or two of the verses from Psalm 8:1-5.

Let older children write songs or poems about telling our family and friends about Jesus’ salvation.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we praise you for loving us and saving us from evil and death. Help us to tell other children about you in a way that is clear to them.”