Jesus Healed a Boy Tormented by Demons


Prayer. “Dear Lord, help our children to trust you to save them from bad spirits, by Jesus’ authority and mercy.”

Choose any of these children's learning activities that fit their ages and needs.

Older child or teacher: Read or relate how Jesus healed a boy, from Mark 9:14-29. This story shows how Jesus has power over all the forces of Satan.



After telling the story, ask these questions. [The answers appear after each question.]

·         What were the disciples doing when Jesus arrived?

[Answer: They were arguing instead of praying. See verse 14.]

·         What were demons doing to a demon? [See verses 17-18 & 22]

·         What must we do, to stand against Satan’s power? [Faith. See verse 23]

·         Who helps us to believe in God? [See verse 24]

·         In whose power can we stand against Satan? [In God’s power through prayer. See verse 29]

Dramatize the story about how Jesus overpowered demon that tormented a boy. Arrange with the leader of the main congregational worship for the children to present this drama. Use your time with the children to prepare them. You do not have to use all of its parts. Let the older children help the younger ones to prepare.


Let older children or adults play the parts of Narrator and the Father. Narrator will summarize the story and help the children remember what to say and do.

Let younger children play the parts of the Boy, Mother and Brothers and Sisters.

Narrator: tell the first part of the story from Mark 9:14-21. Then say, “Hear what the father of a tormented boy says.”

Father: “Family, I am home with our son. Look at him!”

Boy: “Jesus healed me! I wish you could meet Jesus!”

Mother: “Husband! Is it true? our son has been tormented by a demon since he was a baby!”

Brothers and Sisters: “We remember how terrible it was.”
”He foamed at the mouth and fell on the ground!”
”Sometimes he fell into fire or water!”
”He almost died!”
”It made me weep!”

Father: “No one could help him. I asked Jesus’ disciples, but they could do nothing.”

Narrator: Tell the second part of the story, from Mark 9:23-29. Then say, “Hear what the father says.”

Father: “When I asked Jesus himself to help, He did.”

Mother: “What did Jesus do to heal our son?”

Father: “First He told me that everything is possible for those who believe. But my faith was weak. So I asked him to help me believe.”

Boy: “The devil threw me down and shook me. It made me shriek. They said I was dead.”

Mother: Hug the boy. Then say, “Oh, you poor child!”

Boy: “Jesus told the devil to go and never return. Jesus took my hand and raised me up.”

Mother: “Praise God!”

Boy: “I can talk plainly now!”

Mother: “Why could the disciples not heal you?”

Father: “Jesus said they were not trusting God’s power and were not praying!”

Brothers and Sisters: Say such things as: “We want to believe in Jesus.”
“We want to ask him to make our faith strong.”
“Jesus has more power than all the evil spirits.”

Narrator or older child: Announce that the drama is over, and thank everyone who helped.

If the children dramatize this story for the adults, let them ask the adults the questions that are listed above.

Have the children cite other examples of ways in which Jesus has freed people from the power of Satan. Also invite the adults to cite examples.

Draw a picture of a person praying. Let the children copy it.



·         Let each child show their picture to the adults during the worship time and explain that it illustrates how we stand against the power of Satan with Jesus’ power.

·         If you prefer, let the children copy or colour the picture of the fallen boy, above.

·         Older children might draw a tomb, coffin or grave, or another symbol of death, and explain that Jesus conquered not only Satan and evil spirits, but also death.

Let older children write poems, songs or dramas about how Jesus frees us from Satan.

Poem. Let three children each recite one of the verses from Psalm 3:3-5

Memorize James 4:7.

Prayer: Dear Lord, only you are all-powerful. You free us from the forces of Satan. Nothing can keep us from your love. We love you. Help us to tell our friends about you.”