Jesus Is Stronger than Satan and Delivers
Folk from Satanic Oppression


Those who teach children should read study #95 for children.

Prayer. “Lord Jesus, you rule from heaven over the earth. Please, show your love and power by delivering from evil spirits all who turn to you in our community.”

Choose activities that fit the needs of the people.

1.    Prepare yourself with prayer and the Word to deal with people oppressed by demons, in Jesus’ name.

Note: When Satan oppresses a person, the Bible says that the person has a demon, an evil spirit or an unclean spirit. Jesus can heal both physical sickness and spiritual oppression. A demon can oppress a person and make people act strangely, but the Bible, translated correctly, does not say that spirits can ‘possess’ a person or ‘own’ someone’s soul.

Jesus showed his apostles how to deliver people from demons. Find in Matthew 15:22–28 how Jesus delivered a pagan girl from a demon.

·         Who sought help from Jesus in behalf of her daughter? [See verse 22]

·         What was a demon doing to the girl?

·         What did Jesus’ disciples try to do about the woman? [23]

·         Was the woman righteous and deserving of help? [23-27]

·         What quality in the mother did Jesus commend? [28]

·         Of what did Jesus assure the woman?

·         How long did it take for the girl to get well?

Find in Matthew 17:14–21 how Jesus delivered a young boy from a demon.

·         Who sought help from Jesus in behalf of his son? [See verse 14]

·         What things was a demon doing to the boy? [15]

·         What did Jesus’ disciples fail to do for the boy? [16]

·         What kinds of people have the most trouble with evil spirits? [17]

·         What did Jesus say and do to the demon? [17 & 18]

·         Why had Jesus’ disciples not been able to chase away the demon? [20]

·         What must we do in order to chase away evil spirits? [21]


Find in Luke 10:17–20 what Jesus’ disciples learned about power over Satan.

·         By what authority were the disciples able to free people from demons? [See verse 17]

·         How did Jesus describe the authority that his disciples have? [18]

·         Who are stronger, believing disciples or evil spirits? [20]

·         What truth makes believers rejoice more than having authority over spirits?

Jesus’ apostles delivered people from demons.

Find in Acts 16:16–19 how apostles Paul and Silas chased a spirit from a girl.

·         What kind of spirit oppressed the girl? [See verse 16]

·         How did people exploit the girl with the spirit?

·         Did the spirit know who Paul and his co-workers were? [17]

·         How did Paul get rid of the spirit? [18]

·         How soon did it leave the girl? [18]

·         What did the girl’s masters do? [19-21]


Find in Acts 19:11–20 how the apostle Paul delivered a community from spirits.

·         What kind of authority did Paul have over spirits? [See verses 11 & 12]

·         What happened when unbelievers tried to use the name of Jesus? [13-16]

·         What name must we invoke over spirits to chase them away? [17]

·         When people are delivered from spirits, what must they do about their magical practices and magical objects? [18-19]

·         What message must we share wherever we deliver people from spirits? [20]

2.    Plan with co-workers the next week’s activities.

·         Discuss together the kinds of spirits that trouble people in your community.

·         Find out whether one of your co-workers or one of the believers has been guided by the Lord to pray for the oppressed and see them delivered.

·         Pray together and ask the Lord to lead you to folks for whom you should pray that they may be delivered from demonic oppressions.

·         Make an appointment with a more experienced Christian worker to ask about their experience with delivering folks from demonic oppression.

·         Prepare together how you will explain the good news about Jesus to folks for whose deliverance you are going to pray.

·         Agree together that you will not make a public show of chasing demons, but will publicly announce the good news about Jesus and deal with oppression only when somebody needs it.

3.    Plan with co-workers the next worship time.

Read or tell from memory stories about Jesus and his apostles who delivered people from demonic oppression. If you tell the stories in Part 1, then you might ask the same questions.

Let believers tell about demonically-oppressed persons who were delivered.

Explain several facts about demonic oppression:

·         Most illness is allowed by God and does not come from demons or the devil.

·         People’s sinful behaviour comes from the heart, not from demons.

·         Satan and demons deceive people into fearing that they have more power than God.

·         All believers have authority to pray for demonically-oppressed people to be freed.

·         When demons disrupt our teaching of the gospel, we should command them to leave.

Let the children present what they have prepared.

To introduce the Lord’s Table, read John 13:21-27. Explain that Judas broke bread with Jesus deceitfully during the most sacred Last Supper and Satan then entered into Judas.

Form groups of two or three persons. Pray and encourage one another, and make plans.

Memorize together Matthew 8:16.