Your Congregation Has Spiritual Gifts


Let all believers serve one another, each with their
special gifts from God.

Those who teach children should read study #85 for children.


The Spirit came like flames of fire


1.    Prepare yourself with prayer and the Word of God to mobilize your congregation to serve with their Spiritual Gifts

Select activities that fit current needs and local customs.

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, please let all the members of our congregations and cells discover the power you have put within them to serve you and others, joyfully.”

Find in Romans 12:4–8:

·         Who should benefit from other believers’ spiritual gifts. [Verse 5]

·         How God decides which gifts to give to each believers. [6]

·         What are two kinds of speaking gifts. [6 & 7].

·         What are three kinds of serving gifts. [7 & 8]

Find in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 how the Holy Spirit of God gives powerful abilities to every believer to serve one another.

·         Who gives spiritual gifts, abilities and activities? [Verses 3–6]

·         Which believers receive spiritual gifts? [7 & 11]

·         For what purpose does the Holy Spirit give gifts? [7]

·         Who chooses which gift a believer will receive? [11]

·         Which Christians have God’s Holy Spirit? [12 & 13].

·         If there is a particular spiritual gift that all Christians are supposed to have? [27-30]

Find in 1 Corinthians 14:24–26:

·         Sample ways that every believer can serve others in meetings.

·         What must be every believer’s purpose in using spiritual gifts.


Find in Ephesians 4:10–16:

·         Who gives gifted people to congregations. [10-11]

·         Five kinds of gifted persons given to congregations [11]

·         What gifted persons should do with their spiritual gifts. [12]

·         The results when congregations exercise their spiritual gifts. [13-16]

Find in 1 Peter 4:7–11:

·         What attitude believers should have towards one another as they use their spiritual gifts. [7–9]

·         What believers are to do with their spiritual gift. [10].

·         Two main kinds of spiritual gifts. [11]

·         Where gifted servants find strength to use their gifts. [11]

·         Whom believers should glorify with our spiritual gifts. [11]

Find how Barnabas used his gifts of giving (Acts 4:32-37), of encouragement (9:22-27), of faith (11:22-66), of teaching (13:1) and of apostleship (13:2-4).

2.    Plan with your co-workers activities for the coming week

Review together Paul-Timothy booklet #86 “Understand Better God’s Spiritual Gifts” and read it descriptions of spiritual gifts. Plan to review both that booklet and this one with all small group shepherds.

Discuss together the spiritual gifts of each member of the flock, if you know them.

Plan with every small group shepherd to observe and listen to their group members, to discover the spiritual gift of each one.

If a small group needs a gift and another group has it, then arrange to have the gifted person go join with the other group for a while.

3.    Plan with your co-workers the up-coming worship.

Tell or act out how Barnabas used his spiritual gifts, and discuss why they changed his name (Acts 4:36).

Explain that God determines the spiritual gifts that a believer receives, with what motive we are to use them and the other guidelines (See Part 1.)

Ask the questions about spiritual gifts from Part 1.

Let believers give testimonies about how they have received help from others who have used their spiritual gifts wisely in love.

Read together 1 Corinthians 14:24–31, and let the believers name several spiritual gifts that it mentions. Let them tell about how they have seen any of those gifts exercised in the congregation or cell groups.

Have the children present the drama and questions that they have prepared.

To introduce the Lord’s Supper read 1 Corinthians 11:23-34. Explain how the Corinthians misused the Lord's Supper and why the Lord let some get sick and die.

Have the believers form small groups of two or more to talk about their spiritual gifts, to listen to each other, to encourage one another, and to pray one for another.

Memorize together Romans 12:10 & 11.


Guidelines for Using Spiritual Gifts

1.      As people serve one another in small groups, their spiritual gifts will become apparent, and others will recognize them. Do not prevent new believers from serving.

2.      Provide opportunities for all believers to use their spiritual gifts. This is best done in small groups. Do not limit congregational meetings to simply listening to talented people.

3.      Continually remind believers that they must have love for people when they use their spiritual gifts. When people are angry or unloving, then their gifts can harm people.

4.      Let people have responsibilities, offices and ministries in congregations and cell groups, according to their spiritual gifts. Do not assign people to jobs for which they are not gifted.

5.      Elders should have a speaking gift, and deacons should have a serving gift.

6.      Small groups and ministry teams should have members with different gifts that the Holy Spirit can harmonize. Avoid grouping persons who have the same gift.

7.      Having a spiritual gift does not confer authority over other believers. Rather, spiritual gifts must be used to serve the Body of Christ in a manner that seeks the benefit of others.

8.      Since every believer has spiritual gifts that benefit others, every believer is important to the others, regardless of their ethnicity, educational level, caste or social class.