God Helps Believers to Work Together

Teach to children the right kind of leadership


Choose any of these children's learning activities.

Prayer. “Lord, help us to work together as a well organized body.”

Nehemiah said, “Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there. Our God will fight for us!”

Draw a Picture of a ram’s horn and have the children copy your drawing.



·         Explain that Israelite trumpets were simply hollow horns from sheep.

·         Let the older children help the younger.

·         Let the children show their pictures to the adults at the next worship time and let them explain that this illustrates how God uses godly leaders to call his people to work in unity.

Let an older child or teacher read or tell the story of Nehemiah from Nehemiah 4:1-23. Ask the children first to listen to find out how a godly leader organized his people to do a big building project that brought glory to God.

After relating the story, ask these questions. (Tell the answers only if the children cannot.)

·         What did Israel’s enemies say about the wall around Jerusalem? [Answer: See verse 2.]

·         To whom did Nehemiah go for help when his enemies threatened him? [Answer: See verse 9.]

·         What did Nehemiah do to protect the wall, after he prayed to God? [Answer: See verse 13.]

·         How hard did the Israelites work on the wall? [Answer: See verse 6.]

·         What did Nehemiah do while the people worked? [Answer: See verse 23.]

·         How did Nehemiah encourage the people to work with all their heart? [Answer: Nehemiah got the people to pray. He then organized their work, reminded them of God’s power, and served as an excellent example of a hard worker.]

Dramatize part of the story of Nehemiah, Nehemiah 4:1-23.

·         Arrange with the leader of the main congregational worship to let the children present this drama.  Use part of your time with the children to prepare the drama. Let the older children help prepare the younger.

·         Let an older child or adult play these parts:

Narrator. Summarize the story and help the children remember what to say.

Nehemiah. Hold a spear in one hand and a hammer or some other tool in the other.

·         Let younger children play these parts:

Israelites. Hold both building stones and spears.

Enemies. Hold spears.


Narrator: Tell the first part of the story, from verses 1 & 2.

Israelites: Pretend to be building a wall.

Narrator: “Nehemiah and the Israelites are building a wall around the city of Jerusalem. Their enemies make fun of them. Hear what the enemies say.

Enemies: Laugh and say things like: “What are those silly Jews building now?”
“ Is that a wall?”
“It looks like a heap of stones!”
“Even a fox could knock it over!”

Narrator: Tell the second part of the story, from verses 6-14. Then say, “Hear what Nehemiah says.”

Nehemiah: “First let us pray to God together for help. ‘God, help us finish this work for you.’ Now, people, do not listen to our enemies. Let us organize to do this job and keep working for God!”

Israelites: “We will work with our whole heart.”
(Speaking to each other) “If you will do this part of the wall then I shall work over there.”



Narrator: Tell the third part of the story, from verses 15-23. Then say, “Listen to what Nehemiah says.”

Nehemiah: “Everyone, keep your weapons near you. When you hear the trumpet, come help protect the wall. Be ready all the time. We will all work on the wall with one hand and hold our swords in the other hand!”

Israelites: “Look, the wall is strong!”
“We have almost finished.”
“Look how hard Nehemiah is working.”
“He is a good example to us.”

Narrator or older children. Thank everyone who helped.

If the children dramatize this story for the adults, then let them also ask the adults the questions listed above.

Poem. Let four children each recite a verse from Psalm 2:1-2 and verses 10-11.

Ask: What are examples of situations in which we need godly leaders like Nehemiah to help us do a great work together for God? (Let the children give examples.)

Memorize together John 17:23.

Older children write poems, songs or short dramas about working together for Jesus. They might do this during the week.

Prayer: “Dear Lord, you are King over all. No one can defeat you. With your help, we can face our problems and find how to help each other, too. Help us to remember to ask you for help first. Help us to serve each other with our whole heart.”


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