Lead God’s Flock with Faith and Humility

Gideon, a Humble Leader, Trusted in God’s power


Prayer: “Lord, Help our children to trust in you like Gideon did, whose soldiers carried flames in jars.”

Choose any of these children's learning activities that fit their needs and level of maturity.

Let an older child or teacher read or tell by memory the story of Gideon, from Judges 7.

·         Explain that the Midianites invaded Israel and were robbing everything of value.

·         God let the Midianites punish His people, because they worshipped idols.

·         This story tells how a man led God’s people to victory, because he trusted in God.

After relating the story, ask these questions about Judges 7.

·         Why did God tell Gideon to send home men who were afraid? [See verse 2]

·         How did God show to Gideon which soldiers he should keep with him in the battle? [See verse 7. The good soldiers did not put their heads down to drink. They kept watching while they drank with their hands. ]

·         What did their enemies dream that showed they would lose the battle? [See verses 13-15]

·         What three things did the Israelite soldiers carry with them? [See verse 16]

·         How did God use 300 soldiers to defeat the enemy army? [See verse 20. They broke the clay jars that hid the torches and blew the trumpets. The sudden flames and noise confused the enemies, who fought one another in the darkness.]

Dramatize parts of the story of Gideon’s Victory.

·         Arrange with the leader of the main congregational worship to present this drama.

·         Prepare the children during their study time.

·         Let the older children help prepare the younger ones.

Let older children or adults play these roles:

Narrator. Summarize the story and help the children remember what to say and do.

Voice of God

Gideon. Have objects or pictures representing a trumpet, pot, and torch.

Midianite soldier

Let younger children play these roles:

Frightened Soldier

Careless Soldier. Have a bowl.

Watchful Soldier.

Enemy soldiers. Have spears or swords.

Narrator: Tell the first part of the story, from Judges 7:1-8. Then say, “Hear what God tells Gideon.”

Voice of God: “You have too many soldiers. The Israelites will think they have won this battle by their own strength. Tell them, ‘If you are afraid, you may leave and go home.’ Watch the rest drink from the stream. Only take into battle the soldiers who remain alert.”

Gideon: “All of you who are afraid, go home. The rest of you, drink from this stream.”

Frightened soldier: Tremble with fear. Say, “I am afraid. I will go home.” (Leave.)

Careless soldier: Set the bowl on the floor and put your head down, pretending to lap the water. Then say loudly, “I forgot to keep watching while I lapped the water like a dog!” (Walk away, leaving the bowl behind.)

Watchful soldier. Bring the water up from the bowl to your mouth with your hand. Say loudly, “I watch while I drink. Only 300 soldiers remain, but God can give us the victory!”

Narrator: Tell the second part of the story, from Judges 7:9-19. Say, “Hear what God tells Gideon.”

Voice of God: “Go to the enemy camp and listen to what they say.”

Gideon: Walk up quietly behind the Midianite soldier and listen.

Midianite soldier: “I had a dream. A little round bread rolled into my tent and destroyed it. This means we will lose this battle!”

Gideon: Go back to your soldiers. Say, “Israelite soldiers, God has shown that He will help us win this battle. Here are trumpets and pots with torches lit inside. When we get to the camp, blow the trumpets and break the pots open.”

Narrator: Tell the third part of story (verses 20-22). Then say, “Hear what Gideon says,”

Gideon: Shout, “Now!”

Watchful soldier: Blow the trumpet, smash the pot and raise the torch high. Then shout, “A sword for Gideon and for the Lord!”

Enemy soldiers: Run around confused and fight with each other. Then say, “It is too dark to see!”   “What was that noise?”   “Look at those torches!   All around us!”   “The enemy is among us!”   “Run, run!”   (Run away.)

Narrator or older child: Explain that the drama is over and thank those who helped.


Ask questions. If the children dramatize this story for the adults, then let the children also ask the adults the same questions that are listed above.

Discuss: What are other examples of how God uses us even when we are weak, if we trust Him? (Let the adults or the children give examples.)

Draw a picture of a jar with a torch inside for the children to copy.

·         Let the children show their picture to the adults or their parents.

·         Let the children explain that it reminds us that God uses weak people if we trust Him.

·         Let the older children help the younger.

Poem. Let 2 or more children recite the verses of Psalm 23.

Memorize Mark 9:35.

Let older children write poems, songs or drama about someone who led by faith like Gideon did. They might do this during the week.

Prayer: “Lord, you are almighty. You always win against the enemy. We are weak, but we trust your power, no matter what happens. We will be conquerors through Christ.”