Like Joseph, We Are Stewards of All
that God Entrusts to Us

Those who teach children should read study #60 for children.


Prayer: “Father God, You own everything, and all we have comes from you. Please, give us strength to care for all we have and to honour you with everything. Amen.”

1.      Prepare yourself through prayer and the Word of God.

From the very beginning until now, God entrusts people with His things that He created.

Find in Genesis 1:26–28 how people are to rule the earth. Please seek the answer from the biblical text before reading it below the following questions.



a)      From whom do people get their authority to manage their land?

b)      From whom do people get their authority to manage their animals?

c)      To whom will people give account for how well they managed the land and animals?

[Answers: a) from God, b) from God. c) to God.]

Find in Genesis 39:2–5 how Joseph became manager of an Egyptian’s estate.



a)      When we manage things for others, what does God want us to do?

b)      How will people think about us, if we manage well for them?

[Answers: a) Bless them by managing their property wisely. b) They will trust us.]

Find in Luke 12:42–48 how Jesus said we are to manage material possessions.

·         How will Jesus reward good stewards when he returns? [Answer: verses 42–44]

·         How will Jesus treat people who disobey him with their possessions? [Answer: verses 45–47]

·         What does Jesus expect from people who possess much? [Answer: verse 48]

Find in 1 Corinthians 4:1–4 what God says about stewards of His truth.

·         What does God require of us stewards?
[Answer: We must be found trustworthy]

·         Who examines us who are stewards?
[Answer: Others, courts and the Lord Himself]

Find in 1 Thessalonians 4:1–8 how we are to manage our bodies.

·         Who has authority over our bodies? [Answer: verses 1 & 2]

·         How are we to use our bodies during our life on earth? [Answer: verses 3–5]

·         What will the Lord do, if we deceive others with our bodies? [Answer: verse 6]

·         What does God give to us to enable us to manage our bodies? [Answer: verses 7 & 8]

Find in 1 Peter 4:10–11 how to manage your spiritual gifts.

·         Which of us has received a spiritual gift from God?
[Answer: Each of us]

·         For what uses are the two kinds of spiritual gifts?
[Answer: Speaking for God, serving for God]

·         From whom do we gain strength to use our spiritual gifts? [From God]

·         Who is supposed to get glory, when we employ our spiritual gift? [Jesus Christ]

2.    Plan with your co-workers activities to do during the week.

Talk together about how well you and they have been managing 1) your possessions, 2) the possessions of others, 3) God’s truth, 4) your bodies and 5) your spiritual gifts.

·         Let each one tell how he could manage these things better.

·         Pray together, asking the Lord to help you be more faithful with all those things.

Visit believers who need to be better stewards.

·         Read some Bible verses like those above.

·         Pray with the believers for God to help them to be faithful.

3.    Plan with your co-workers the up-coming worship.

Read and explain Bible passages that talk about stewardship, like those cited above.

Explain these truths about stewardship:

·         God is the creator and owner of every good thing.

·         God entrusts many things to every person. (Life, body, land, animals, possessions, jobs, mates, children, knowledge, money, the Bible, spiritual gifts, etc.).

·         God is completely faithful to us with the promises He has made.

·         God wants to help us to be faithful to Him with all that He entrusts to us.

·         God will judge everybody for how faithful they were.

·         God will bring chastisement to every believer who deceives others with his body.

·         God will reward those who were faithful to Him with all that they have.

Tell how God has been helping you to be a better steward.

Invite the believers to tell about how God has been helping them to be better stewards. Wait to hear what they will say. If they do not mention those below, then you can do so.

Things that God has entrusted to us as his stewards

Our bodies which we are to feed, protect and keep holy.

Our land which we are to use and to protect from erosion.

Our animals from which we are to live and to treat humanely.

Our money with which we meet our needs and others’ needs.

Our children whom we are to rear, care for, and evangelize.

Our parents whom we are to honour and care for.

Our house and possessions which we are to share as needed.

Our spiritual gifts, by which we are to serve one another.

Our knowledge which we are to pass on to those who need it.

Our faith in Jesus which we are to put into practice every day.

Ask: What are some other items that you can tell?

Have the children present the drama and questions that they have prepared.

To introduce the Lord’s Supper, read 2 Chronicles 35:15-19. Explain that the good king Josiah had God’s people celebrate the Lord’s Passover Feast, which they had neglected. The Lord’s Supper is the Christian’s Passover Feast.

Memorize together 1 Cor. 14:2, “It is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy.”

Have the believers and guest form small groups of two or three. Let them confess needs, express their intention to be better stewards, and pray one for another.