Barnabas — A Generous Giver

Jesus, whom we love, commanded us
to give generously.

Those who teach children should read study #57 for children.

Prayer: “Heavenly Father, you gave to us your Son Jesus and eternal life. You give to us all kinds of good things to enjoy. Please, help me and my congregation to share your good gifts with those in need.”

1.    Prepare your heart to give generously and to teach your flock to do the same.

Barnabas and the first Christians give generously.

·         Find in Acts 2:44-45 how the first believers gave to meet needs.

a) Which believers gave?

b) To whom did they give?

[Answers: a) All who had something to give. b) To all who had needs.]

·         Find in Acts 4:32-37 how Barnabas gave to help needy believers.

a) What did he have to sell?

b) To whom did he give?

[Answers: a) Land. b) To the apostles to be distributed to the needy.]

·         Find in Acts 11:28-30 how congregations should help others in need.

a) How much did the believers give?

b) To whom did they give?

[Answers: a) What they were able to give. b) To needy believers in Jerusalem.]

Promises that God makes to those who give.

·         Find in Proverb 19:17:

a) To whom are we to give?

b) What is God’s promise?

[Answers:  a) To the poor.  b) The Lord will pay back what we give.]

·         Find in Luke 6:30-38:

a) To whom are we to give?

b) What is God’s promise?

[Answers: a) To all who ask of us. b) It will be given back to us with the same measure.]

·         Find in 2 Corinthians 9:1-11:

a) To whom are we to give?

b) How much are we to give?

c) What is God’s promise?

d) How we should feel about giving

[Answers: a) To needy Christians. b) Whatever we determine in our heart. c) We will always have enough to give. d) Joyful.]

·         Find in Philippians 4:13-19:

a) To whom we are to give.

b) What God promises.

[Answers: a) To apostles who start new congregations. b) God will supply all that we need.]

·         Find in Matthew 6:19-21 where we should store our treasure.

·         Find in Matthew 6:31-33 what we are to seek first.



2.    Plan with your co-workers your activities for the coming week.

·         Learn the needs of your flock’s members and others to whom the believers might give.

·         Visit the needy and bless them with the believer’s gifts. Start with the needy within the congregation, then also serve those who are without, Galatians 6:10.

·         Set up a bookkeeping procedure to account for all monetary gifts received and distributed by the congregation.

·         Commission deacons and deaconesses to care for the needy, as in Acts 6:1-6.

3.    Plan with your co-workers the up-coming worship time.

Recount or act out how Barnabas gave to those in need, Acts 4:32-37.

Recount or act out how a forgiven woman showed love for Jesus, Luke 7:36-50.

Recount or act out how a poor widow gave to God her last small coin, all that she had to live on, Mark 12:38-44. Or have the children dramatise the story and  ask the adults the questions that they have prepared.

Memorise Proverbs 19:17.

Take up a collection to meet some urgent need, if there is one.

Have the believers read or recite Bible verses about God’s great gift to us. John 3:16-17; John 6:47-51; 1 John 3:16-17; Romans 6:23.

To introduce the Lord’s Supper, read 2 Chronicles 35:17-19. Explain that we celebrate the Passover, and that God replaced the Passover lamb with His gift, Jesus, the ‘Lamb of God.’


Encouraging Bible Verses on Giving and Receiving

1 Chronicles 29:9-13

1 Corinthians 16:1-4

1 John 3:16-19

1 Timothy 5:3-5

2 Corinthians 9:7-8

Acts 11:28-30; 20:32-35

James 2:14-16

Luke 7:36-50; 14:12-14

Matthew 6:19-21; 6:31-33; 19:28-30; 25:34-35

Philippians 4:13-19

Proverbs 11:24-28; 19:17; 21:13; 22:9; 28:27

Psalm 39:4-7

Romans 10:13-15; 15:20-25

Deuteronomy 8:15-19; 15:-11