Evangelize Through Social Networks:

Take Jesus to Your Friends

Those who teach children should read study #55 for children.


1.    Prepare your heart and mind with God's Word, so that you can help your flock to witness for Christ to their friends and relatives.

Prayer. “Beloved Holy Spirit, please, give to us your power to take our risen Saviour, Jesus Christ, to our friends.”

Find in Acts chapter 10 what happened, so that a new congregation was born in another city and culture.

·         What were both Peter and Cornelius doing when God began to prepare people for this event?

·         While Cornelius was praying, what did an angel tell him to do?



·         Before the soldiers that Cornelius sent arrived in Joppa, God prepared Peter to enter gentile homes and to eat their forbidden food. What shocking thing had Peter seen in his vision?

·         After God told Peter in a vision to eat unclean animals, he understood that he was to respect people of all races. Who went with Peter to Cornelius’ home in Cesarea?



·         When Peter and his companions arrived in Cesarea whom did they find waiting in Cornelius’ home?

·         What was the last thing that Peter related to Cornelius’ close friends and family about Jesus?

·         The Holy Spirit came upon those listening to Peter as proclaimed Jesus’ life-giving resurrection. How did Peter and his co-workers confirm their faith and repentance?

·         How long did Peter stay after the new believers were baptized?

·         Peter and his helpers stayed ‘for a few days’ to establish the new believers in their obedience to Christ. Did Peter use expensive equipment? Did he have highly skilled method of witnessing that ordinary people could not imitate?

·         What is wrong in the picture below?



[Answer: The evangelist in the picture failed to tell about Christ in a way that new believers could imitate. He did not let the message flow from person to person. When evangelists, like Peter, use methods that all believers can use, the Good News spreads to many more people. It is alright to have good music at occasional special events, to attract people to hear about Jesus. However, music must not become the main method of evangelism.]


2.    Plan with co-workers things to do during the week.

·         Plan for the believers to visit their friends and relatives to share about Christ.

·         Ask God to help you think of ways to make this witnessing easy for everyone to do.

·         Plan for workers to go where people have not yet heard of Jesus. They should seek people like Cornelius whom God has prepared to hear the Good News and share it with friends.

3.    Plan with co-workers the upcoming worship.

Choose activities that fit the occasion and local customs. For examples:

Tell or act out the story of Peter and Cornelius from Acts chapter 10.

Ask questions about what you found in part 1. Help the believers to talk about the truths that you discovered in Acts 10. Talk about:

·         Evangelism begins with prayer.

·         God prepares both those who receive the Good News and those who take it to them, so that both can communicate by the power of the Holy Spirit.

·         Two or more Christians should work together. Jesus and His apostles never travelled alone.

·         The Good News flows easily through networks of family members and close friends.

·         For the Good News to flow freely this way, use methods that the new believers can imitate at once. Peter, for example, simply told about Jesus, His sacrificial death and life-giving resurrection, in a way anybody could do.

·         Confirm the faith and repentance of the new believers with baptism.

·         Stay with the new believers for a time and teach them to obey Jesus, establish them in their new faith. If there is no congregation in the community, yet, then organize one.

Pray by name for friends and relatives who have not yet discovered the new life in Christ.

Praise God for people who have recently believed in Christ and for those whom he healed. Have some share their testimonies.

Memorize Acts 16:31.

Ask the children to present to the congregation what they have prepared. Let the children ask the adults any questions that they have prepared.

Announce the evangelism that you planned to do during the week. Help the believers to decide to whom they will witness for Christ, and when.

Ask the believers to meet for a few minutes in groups of two or three to pray and to confirm their plans.

To introduce the Lord's Supper, explain how God told Peter to eat with non-Jews, and that in Heaven the glorious Marriage Feast of Christ will include people of all races. The Lord’s supper is a foretaste of that feast. The person of honour is Christ Himself, whom we shall see face to face!