Water Baptism

Noah and Others who Modelled Obedient Faith


Prayer. “Father, help us to receive through baptism those whom you draw to yourself and entrust to our congregation. Please use this study so that all believers will die to sin and rise to new, holy, eternal life through baptism, as you instruct us in Your Word.”

1.  Prepare Your Heart with Prayer and God’s Word

Find in Matthew chapter 3:

·         What kind of people needs baptism, verses 1-6. (Answer: Bad people.)

·         What did John call the religious people who thought they were good enough to be baptised (Answer: verse 7.)

·         Why Jesus received baptism, even though he did not need it. (Answer: verses 13–15, to do everything right.)


Find in 1 Peter 3:18–22

·         How did Peter compare Jesus’ resurrection body to Noah’s boat?

·         However, neither a big boat nor an airplane can take us to heaven. Just as God saved Noah and his family in the ancient boat, so God raises us to new life in heaven because we are in Jesus’ resurrection body.

Find in Romans 6:1–14:

·         To what thing does God tell us to die?

·         With whom are we buried in baptism as we die to sin?

·         Having been buried with Jesus, how are we united with Him?

·         What has been crucified with Jesus, before we can be united with Him in His resurrection?

·         After our old self, our old sin nature, has been crucified with Christ, as what kind of instruments do we offer all parts of our body, according to verses 6–14?

Find in Matthew 28:18–28, the final Great Commission of Christ before He ascended:

·         What did Jesus tell his followers to do, to make disciples? (Answer: baptise them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey all His commands.)

·         By whose authority do we baptise new believers? (Answer: verse 18, by Jesus authority.)

·         Of what ethnic groups are we to make disciples? (Answer: verse 19, all people groups.)

Find in Acts 2:37–47:

·         What Peter told the people to do, when they received his message. (Answer: verses 37–38)

·         Two blessings that Peter promised those who repented and were baptised (Answer: verse 38)

·         How soon the apostles baptised those who received Christ and received them into the congregation. (Answer: verses 41–42)

·         What the newly baptised people began doing immediately. (Answer: verse 42)

Find in Acts 16:13–40:

·         Two people whose families joined them in believing in Jesus and being baptised. (Answer: verses 13–15 and 25–31.)

·         Why we try at once to reach the family of a person who responds to Jesus. (Answer: verse 31. Also, Acts 18:8 gives another example of an entire family being baptised together.)

2.  Plan withyour co-workers the week’s activities.

Arrange to baptise new believers who have not yet been blessed by obeying Jesus this way.

Visit any new believers who do not understand the need for baptism. Explain it to them, and arrange their baptism.

When you tell people the Good News, explain that they must turn from their old beliefs and way of life and be born anew in Christ. Confirm their faith and repentance without needless delay with baptism. You might start a new congregation with them.

If baptism in public is dangerous, then baptise them in private like Philip baptised the Ethiopian (Acts 8:27–40) and Paul baptised the Philippian jailer and his family (Acts 16:29–34).

At their baptism some people may want to change their names

3.  Plan the up-coming worship time.

Choose activities that fit current needs and local customs.

Explain that we must obey Jesus, just as Noah obeyed God when he built his boat (see part 1).

Briefly review the story of Noah, from Genesis chapters 6–9.

·         Explain how Jesus’ resurrection body corresponds to Noah’s boat.

·         Have the children present the drama about Noah that they have prepared for the adults. They might also have questions prepared, to ask the adults.

Explain from Romans 6:1–14 that in baptism we die and rise with Jesus to new life (see part 1).

Explain from Matthew chapter 3 about John the Baptist (part 1).

·         Why John refused to baptise some religious people, but baptised very bad people.

·         Why Jesus was baptised.

Explain how Jesus says to make disciples, Matthew 28:18–20 (see part 1).

Explain what Peter told the people to do that sought salvation, Acts 2:37–41 (see part 1).

Explain how the apostles baptised entire families, Acts 16:31, and why we try at once to reach the family of a person who responds to Jesus (see part 1).

To introduce the Lord's Supper, read Genesis 8:14–22 and explain that Noah’s new world began with the sacrifice of an innocent victim’s blood. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross fulfilled this need forever.

Memorise: Acts 2:38.

Tell or act out the story of Naaman the Syrian general, from 2 Kings 5.

·         Tell how he learned to obey God.

·         Explain that in baptism the water does not wash away our sins any more than the Jordan River washed away Naaman’s leprosy. God does it.