We believers obey the commands of Jesus,
because we love Him.


Those who teach children should read study #48 for children.


Prayer: “Lord Jesus, you died for us, rose back to life and are ascended into glory. My flock and I love you. Teach us to serve you with love by obeying your commands.”


1.    Prepare yourself with prayer and the Word of God, to teach obedience.

Learn from the account of Stephen how obedience will strengthen your flock and help them to stand in persecution, suffering and rejection. Stephen was the first believer to be martyred for obeying Jesus’ command to be witnesses of what He has done (Acts 1:8).

Find in Acts 7:54 – 8:8…

·         The blessing from God that filled Stephen.

·         What he was able to see.

·         What he testified about.

·         What he prayed.

·         What the believers began doing wherever they went.

Find in John 14:15-21…

·         How believers should show their love for Christ.

·         The benefits that come to those who obey Jesus’ commands.

Find in Hebrews 5:8-9…

·         How Jesus Himself learned to obey.

·         The benefits that come to those who obey Jesus’ commands.

Find in 1 John 2:3-4…

·         How we can be sure that we have come to know Christ.

·         The benefit that comes to those who obey Jesus’ commands.

Find in 1 Peter 1:2…

·         How we can be sure that God has chosen us to be his own.

·         The benefits that come to those who obey Jesus’ commands.

Find in Acts 5:27-32…

·         How we can have courage to reply truthfully to hostile authorities.

·         The benefits that come to those who obey Jesus’ commands.

Find in Matthew 28:16-20…

·         With how much authority Jesus gave this final command.

·         How Jesus commanded us to help others to become disciples of Jesus.

·         The benefit that comes to those who help others to obey Jesus’ commands...

Find in 1 Peter 1:13-22…

·         How obedient Christians lead their lives in this world.

·         The benefits that come to those who obey Jesus’ commands.

Find in Revelation 14:12-13…

·         How Christians can remain faithful to Jesus to the end.

·         The benefits that come to those who obey Jesus’ commands

Find in the verses listed on the left below, some commands of Jesus that the new believers in Jerusalem started to practice immediately (Acts 2:38-47). Draw a line from each verse, to its matching activity to the right.


Luke 22:19-20

Loving fellowship

John 13:34

Breaking bread

Luke 6:38


Matthew 28:19-20

Prayer in Jesus’ name

John 16:24

Giving generously


2.    Plan with Co-workers Activities to Do During the Week

Choose activities that fit current needs. Perhaps you will …

·         Go visit believers who are suffering or are in prison because of their faith, and encourage them from the Bible verses in part 1.

·         Identify your persecutors by name and pray for them that God will bless them and make himself known to them.

·         Discuss how the believers have responded to persecution and how you could teach them to remain obedient to Jesus. Spend time together, worshiping the Lord and asking him for strength to remain faithful.

3.    Plan with Co-workers the Upcoming Worship Time

Choose activities that fit current needs and local customs.

Recount or act out the account of Stephen’s martyrdom in Acts 7:51 – 8:8.

Review with the believers some of the Bible verses listed under section 1. Ask questions about what you found. Encourage them to talk. If they cannot answer correctly, then tell them the correct answers.

Ask believers to give testimonies or reports on how God has blessed them for obeying some command of Jesus during the last month.

Let the children present to the adults the drama and readings that they have prepared.

Before serving the Lord’s Supper, read Rev. 19:5-10 about the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Explain that the Lord’s Supper helps us to look forwards to Jesus’ return to earth and the great supper that we shall share with him.

Form small groups of worshippers to listen to each other’s needs and worries, speak encouraging word one to another, and to pray for one another to remain obedient to Jesus,  and to pray for the believers’ enemies and persecutors.

Memorize together Romans 6:17-18.