Christ Showed John What Is to Come

Those who teach children should read study #43 for children.


1.    Prepare with prayer and the Word to teach the Book of Revelation

Prayer. “Jesus, you are Lord over all the earth. Help the believers and me to serve you whatever the cost, and to look forward with blessed hope to your coming.”

Note: There are many symbols in the Book of Revelation. Most of the symbols come from the Old Testament. The New Testament shows how Christ fulfilled old prophecies. The Book of Revelation teaches Christians who suffer that they must remain faithful to Christ, until he returns to earth.

Main events of the book of Revelation


Read through the Book of Revelation this week. Follow the schedule below. Find how the book helps us to see into heaven and to live on earth.

First day

Find, in these messages about Christ in heaven:

1:1–9 What Christ did for us on earth.

1:10–19 What Christ does for us in heaven.

2:1–3:22 What Christ says to believers on earth. (7 churches)

4:1–5:14 What believers say to Christ in heaven.

Second day

Find, in these messages about living for Christ:

6:1–17 What is decided in heaven happens on earth. (7 seals)

7:1–8 What believers do for Christ on earth. (12 tribes)

7:9–8:6 What Christ does for believers in heaven.

Third day

Find, in these messages about justice from God:

8:7–9:21 Terrible things that will happen on earth.

(7 trumpets)

10:1–11:2 Wonderful things that will happen in heaven. (7 thunders)

11:3–14 What evil people do to faithful believers on earth. (2 witnesses)

11:15–19 What heaven does to evil people.

Fourth day

Find, in these messages about spiritual conflict:

12:1–2 Conflict between good and evil in heaven.

12:13–17 Conflict between good and evil on earth.

13:1–10 Political power against believers on earth. (2 beasts)

13:11–18 Spiritual power against believers on earth.

Fifth day

Find, in these messages about suffering as Christians:

14:1–5 Suffering believers who arrive in heaven.

14:6–12 Powerful angels who come from heaven to earth.

14:13–18 What God decides in heaven.

14:19–20 What God does on earth. (7 angels)

Fifth day (continued)

Find, in these messages about Christ’s return:

15:1–8 How God will decide judgment in heaven.

16:1–21 How God will bring judgment to earth.

17:1–18:3 How powerful nations will fall on earth. (7 kings)

18:4–8 How God will condemn the powerful from heaven.

18:9–24 How God’s will bring final punishment on earth.

19:1–10 How God’s will bring final victory from heaven.

Sixth day

Find, in these messages about Christ’s eternal kingdom:

19:11–18 How Christ will reign as King in heaven.

19:19–21 How Christ will become victor on earth.

20:1–3 How the power of heaven will bind Satan.

20:4–10 How the power of Christ will reign on earth. (1st resurrection)

20:11–17 How God will judge all wicked from heaven. (2nd death)

21:1–8 How God will rewards all righteous on earth.

Seventh day

Find, in these messages for people today:

21:9–27 Promises of heaven for believers.

22:1–5 Warnings for the wicked on earth.


2.    Plan with your co-workers activities for the coming week.

Visit believers who are suffering or tempted, and read to them these seven reassuring prophecies in Revelation 2:10; 3:10; 7:14; 13:10; 14:12; 20:4; and 21:7.

Explain that Christians always have problems, but Christ will reward us, if we remain faithful to him.

If you train new leaders, then explain to them these guidelines for interpreting the book of Revelation.

·         Find the meaning of symbols in the Old Testament.

·         Only give to symbols in Revelation, meanings that are taught in other parts of the Bible.

·         The book provides pictures and images that help us to know that God is in charge of the world, even when we must suffer for Christ.

·         Find how each part of the book helps Christians to obey Christ and hope for heaven.

·         Always make an application to Christians that the book itself teaches.


3.    Plan with your co-workers the up-coming worship.

Read a chapter from Revelation (maybe chapter 7) or have someone else read it to the others.

Explain how to interpret the book and let the believers discuss how it applies to them.

Have the children present the things that they have prepared.

To introduce the Lord’s table, read Rev. 1:17 & 18 and explain that Jesus’ death and his resurrection provide for us life now and forever, and that breaking bread together helps us to remember these truths.

Form small groups of three or four to hear each other’s needs, to encourage them to remain faithful, and pray for one another.

Memorise together Revelation 19:10.