The Lord Prepared Isaiah to Teach His People

Isaiah was a prophet who saw into heaven.


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Prayer. “Dear Lord, let us see your majesty and holiness like the prophet Isaiah saw it, and humble ourselves before you like he did, accept your purification and offer to serve you.”

Choose any of these children's learning activities that fit their ages and needs.

Read or tell by memory from Isaiah 6:1-8 the story of when the Lord let Isaiah see into heaven, and then sent him to teach God’s Word to the people of ancient Israel.

Ask these questions [Answers appear after each question]:

·         Where did Isaiah see the Lord? [See verse 1]

·         What flew above the Lord? [Verse 3; the Seraphs were great angels.]

·         What did the seraphs shout? [Verse 3]

·         What happened to the temple when the angels sang?  [Verse 4]

·         How did Isaiah feel when this happened? [Verse 5]

·         Why was Isaiah afraid? [verse 5]

·         How did Isaiah get his lips cleansed? [verse 6-7]

·         What did the angel say to Isaiah? [verse 7]

·         What question did Isaiah hear the Lord ask? [verse 8]

·         What did Isaiah answer? [verse 8]

·         Do we also need God to purify us and forgive our sins like He did for Isaiah?

·         What should we answer if God asks whom he can send to tell people about Him?

Dramatize the story about how the Lord prepared Isaiah to teach God’s Word (Isaiah 6:1-8).

·         Arrange with the worship leader for the children to present this brief drama.

·         Use your teaching time with the children to prepare the drama.

·         You do not have to use all the parts.

·         Let the older children help the younger ones.

·         Let older children or adults play the parts of Isaiah, the Voice of God and Narrator. Let the Narrator summarize the story and help the children recall what to say and do.

·         Let younger children play the part of Seraphs (great angels). They find or prepare something that represents a red-hot coal.


Part 1

Narrator: Tell the first part of the story from Isaiah 6:1-7. Say, “Hear what Isaiah says.”

Isaiah: Put your hands over your eyes and say loudly,

“I see the Lord in His Temple! His glory is everywhere!

      Huge angels are flying around His throne!

The temple is shaking and is filling up with smoke!

      It frightens me, for I am so sinful!”

Narrator: “Hear what the great angels sing.”

Seraphs (boys): Sing or chant loudly, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of hosts!”

Seraphs (girls): “The whole earth is full of His glory.”

[You might also prepare the children to sing a song about God’s holiness.]

Isaiah: “Lord, I am not clean! My people are all sinful. I cannot live in your presence!”

One of the Seraphs: Pretend to fly to Isaiah with the coal. Touch his mouth with the coal. Shout, “God forgives you. He has cleansed you from your sin. It is all gone now!”


Part 2

Narrator: Tell the second part of the story from verse 8.

Then say, “Hear what the Lord says.”

Voice of God: “I need a messenger. Who will go teach the people?”

Isaiah: “Here I am. Send me.”

Narrator: Thank everyone who helped with the drama.

Questions: If the children dramatize this story for the adults, then let them also ask the adults the questions listed above.

Demonstration. Prepare pencil, paper and matches. Ask the children:

·         What things make us unclean before God? Write down on the paper what the children say.

·         How do we get rid of our sin? Burn the paper. Explain that God takes our sins away.

Ask: What are some songs that we sing to praise God for his holiness and majesty, like the great angels do in heaven? [Let the children mention some songs and sing them.]

Draw pictures of a burning coal. Let the children show their pictures to the adults during worship time and explain that this shows how pure and holy God is, and that He cleans us of sin like fire cleans gold.

Memorize Psalm 51:10.

Poem. Let three children each recite a verse from Psalm 63:1-3:

Let older children write a song, poem or simple drama about God’s holiness. They might tell how great angels praise Him in heaven, and how he purifies us, so that we can serve Him.

Prayer: Lord, like Isaiah, we praise your holiness and your great majesty. Great angels worship you. We sing along with them, “Holy, holy, holy!” Your holiness makes us see how unclean we are. Forgive us and make us pure. Thank you in Jesus’ name.”