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For those who coach apprentice shepherds and children’s teachers


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Get Started

 #1      Get Started with Paul-Timothy Studies. (Please, read this first.)

 #2      User’s Menu for those who Coach Shepherds and Children’s Teachers

 #3      Guidelines for those who coach novice shepherds.

 #4      Guidelines for novice shepherds being trained.

 #5      Guidelines for children’s teachers and their helpers.

 #6       Supplement: Ten tasks of mentoring.

 #7      Guidelines for deacons, activity leaders and small group shepherds.

 #8      Guidelines for those who plan and leading group worship.

 #9      Coaching lessons for when other studies are not available.

#10     Basicp Principles that undergird Paul-Timothy studies.

#11     Checklist of studies assigned and completed.

#15     Bible insert: Gospel, Commandments, Coaching

#119   Supplement: “Church Reproduction Cycle”

Give Assurance

Counsel and visit people who need comfort.

#20     Shepherds: Overcome fear and shame.
Children: God helps us when we are afraid or ashamed.

#21     Shepherds: Counsel for personal and family problems.
            Children: Counsel children with problems.

#22     Shepherds: Joseph received God's liberating grace.
               Children: God's Loving Grace.

#23     Shepherds: Visit in homes and bring God’s grace.
               Children: Jesus is our true friend.

#24     Shepherds: Break habits: alcohol, drugs, & immorality.
               Children: King David Broke a Bad Habit.

#110   Supplement: "River of Grace" (38 pages)

#112   Supplement: Suicide: Satan wants you dead.

#113   Supplement: When adultery happens.

Learn the Bible

Overview, interpretation, background and application of the Word of God

#25     Shepherds: The Authority of the Word of God.
Good King Josiah Obeyed the Word of God.

#26     Shepherds: Search God’s Word as the Bereans Did.
               Children: Use the Bible to Resist the Devil.

#27     Shepherds: Overview of the Bible.
               Children: The People of God Crossed the Red Sea.

#28     Supplement: Overview of Important Events in the Bible.


Old Testament

#30     Shepherds: Pentateuch 1: Patriarchs in Genesis.
            Children: Jacob Saw into Heaven.

#31     Shepherds: Pentateuch 2: God Freed His People from Slavery.
            Children: The Angel of Death Visited an Evil King.

#32     Shepherds: Pentateuch 3: Moses and the OT Law.
            Children: God Gave His People Good Laws.

#33     Shepherds: God Keeps His Promises: OT Historical Books.
            Children: People Worshiped God before Jesus Came.

#34     Shepherds: The OT Prophetical Books.
            Children: A Shepherd-King Sang for God.

#35     Shepherds: Prophets Foresaw the Coming of Messiah.
            Children: Jesus Moved Men’s Hearts with the Word of God.

#36     Shepherds: Prophets Announced Messages from God.
            Children: God Sent Isaiah to Teach His People


New Testament

#37     Shepherds: Four Gospels Testify about Jesus.
               Children: Jesus Calls His First Disciples.

#38     Shepherds: The Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.
               Children: Children Learn Who Jesus Really Is.

#39     Shepherds: The Book of the Acts of the Apostles.
               Children: God Brings Good from Bad Things.

#40     Supplement: Follow the Apostles’ Example (12 pages).

#41     Supplement: Nine Freedoms Expand Movements to Christ.

#42     Shepherds: The New Testament Letters
            Children: Paul Strengthened Believers with His Letters.

#43     Shepherds: Christ Showed John What Was Going to Happen.
John Foresaw the End of the World.

#117   Supplement: Bible History in 22 Steps

Plant churches

Reproduce congregations and cell groups

#44     Shepherds: Christians Meet in Big Groups and in Homes.
Children: Welcome in our Homes those who Serve Christ.

#45     Shepherds: A Tax-collector Hosted Sinners in his House.
               Children: A family Worshipped Jesus at their House.

#46     Shepherds: Start New Flocks as the apostles did.
Paul and Barnabas Put New Believers in New Flocks.

#114   Supplement: Track new churches and cells.

#115   Checklists: Mobilise ‘2nd track’ labourers.
                        Track progress in new cells and congregations.
                        Steps to church multiplication.
                        Monitor progress of new shepherds.

Make disciples

Teach loving obedience to Jesus

#47     Shepherds: Make Disciples in the Way Jesus Said.
               Children: We Obey Jesus.

#48     Shepherds: We Obey our Great King Jesus.
               Children: Jesus is the King of Kings.

#49     Shepherds: See #97 Teach children in the way God Said to do so.
               Children: Children and Youth enjoy Serving Jesus.

#116   Supplement: Jesus' Commandments with Stories

Save the lost

For salvation from sin, death and hell. Witness for Jesus. Repent, believe. Baptize.

#50     Shepherds: Spreading the Good News.
               Children: Tell Jesus' Good News to others.

#51     Shepherds: Repentance, a change of heart.
               Children: Jesus found a thief in a tree.

#52     Shepherds: Baptize, confirm repentance and faith.
               Children: God saved faithful Noah from punishment.

#53     Shepherds: Witness for Jesus with the Spirit's power.
               Children: God's Spirit gave power to tell about Jesus.

#54     Shepherds: New, eternal, holy life in Christ.
               Children: A paralyzed man got to meet Jesus.

#55     Shepherds: Family & friends gather to hear about Jesus.
               Children: Philip rode in a chariot and talked about Jesus.

#56a   Shepherds: How sin entered the world.
               Children: How evil and bad things entered the world.

#56b     Shepherds: Jesus died on a cross to bear our sins.

Give freely

Practice wise stewardship. Use time wisely. Practice bi-vocational service (self-support).

#57     Shepherds: Give for God's work and for the needy.
               Children: A poor widow gave to the Lord all she had.

#58     Shepherds: Self-supporting, bi-vocational 'tentmakers'
               Children: Serve God while working or attending a school.

#59     Supplement: Guidelines for self-support. (12 pages).

#60     Shepherds: Stewardship: We  use well what God entrusts to us.
               Children: How we serve God serving one another.

Grow in Christ

God renews and transforms character.

#61     Shepherds: Lead a Spirit-filled life.
               Children: God's Holy Spirit changes us.

#62     Shepherds: Spiritual transformation and godly character.
               Children: David forgave his enemies.

#63     Shepherds: Renew God's people.
               Children: The Valley of Dry Bones.

Review History

Learn biblical events of great importance Historical gospel message. Church history.

#64     Shepherds: Jesus was miraculously born as a human.
               Children: We celebrate the birth of Jesus.

#65     Shepherds: Jesus' life-giving resurrection from death.
               Children: Jesus rose from death and lives forever.

#66     Shepherds: History of Christianity: the 1st 400 years.
               Children: The Kingdom of God keeps spreading.

#67     Shepherds: History of Christianity: Years 400 till 1600.
               Children: We confess our sins to God.

#68     Shepherds: History of Christianity: Years 1600 until now.
               Children: Martin Luther let people read the Bible.

Love God and others

Serve the needy. Improve family life. Promote fellowship within and between flocks.

#69     Shepherds: Show compassion by helping others..
               Children: We serve others because we love them.

#70     Shepherds: Family life, marriage, training children.
               Children: A young widow finds a family.

#71     Shepherds: Serve the needy.
               Children: Dorcas died and was restored to life.

#72     Shepherds: Congregations & cells serve each other.
               Children: Christians in Greece helped the poor in Judea.

#73     Shepherds: Show love in a practical ways.
               Children: A good Samaritan help a stranger.

#111   Supplement: Believers' Children Marry Believers.

Send out workers

Other cultures & neglected people Apostolic teams. Research. Planning. Vision.

#74     Shepherds: Detect ripe fields in other cultures.
Children: A woman meets Jesus at a well.

#75     Shepherds: Travel as a team to  reach neglected places.
Children: A team helped Roman soldiers know Jesus.

#76     Shepherds: Wor with other cultures.
Children: Slave girl helps her master from another culture.

#77     Shepherds: Send workers to neglected peoples.
Children: The Good News goes to other places.

#78     Shepherds: Spread a vision of widespread outreach.
Children: Jesus opened Paul's eyes.

Prepare for action

Serve one another. Help other flock. Discipline. Oversee flocks.

#79     Shepherds: Serveone another in love.
Children: God gives us shepherds.

#80     Supplement: Serve one another in God's family (8 pages)

#81     Shepherds: Organise small groups to serve one another.
Children: Gideon, a humble leader, trusted in God’s power.

#82     Shepherds: Maintain helpful discipline and order.
Children: God made a bad city's wall fall down.

#83     Shepherds: Organise flocks to serve one another.
Children: We work together to serve God.

#84     Shepherds: Regional overseers of new churches.
Children: God helps believers Work together.

#85     Shepherds: Serve with God-given spiritual gifts.
Children: God’s people work together like a body.

#86     Supplement: Understand spiritual gifts. (8 pages)

#87     Shepherds: Perform pastoral duties.
Children: Jesus fed 5,000 people with a boy’s gift.

#88     Supplement: God gives overseers to his people. (16 pages)

Pray in Jesus' Name

Faith in action. Healing. Intercede. Spiritual warfare Family prayer.

#90     Shepherds: Pray with effective faith..
Children: God heard prayer and shut lions’ mouths..

#91     Supplement: Spiritual Warfare..

#92     Shepherds: Heal in Jesus' name.
Children: Jesus healed a blind man who had Faith in God

#93     Shepherds: Believe and do, as Abraham did.
Children: Trust Jesus like Abraham did.

#94     Shepherds: Endure persecution.
Children: Three faithful men walked amid flames.

#95     Shepherds: Free others from Satan in Jesus' name.
Children: Jesus healed a boy tormented by demons.

Teach biblically

Teach as Jesus did: tell stories, ask questions & invite discussion.

#96     Shepherds: Tell stories to teach what God is like.
Children: Jesus, the best story-teller.

#97     Shepherds: Teach children in the way God Said to do it.
Children: Jesus healed a man and sent him Home to tell others about so.

#98     Shepherds: The Father, the Son and the Spirit are One God.
Children: John the Baptist Baptized Jesus.

#99     Shepherds: Moses Helped his People to Know God.
Children: God revealed joyful truths to Moses and Joshua.

#100   Shepherds: Teach Believers during Worship.
Children: A teacher who did not want to teach.


Coach leaders

Train new leaders in the way Jesus and the apostles did.

#101   Shepherds: Aquila and Priscilla Coached New Leaders.
Children: One Prophet Showed Another How to Serve God.

#102   Shepherds: Mentor new shepherds as Paul did.
Children: Jesus Sent Out Seventy-Two Evangelists.

#103   Shepherds: Train Novice Leaders as Jesus and Paul Did.
Children: Jesus Trained Leaders by Humbly Serving Them.

#104   Supplement: “Obedience-oriented training” (32 pages)


Worship the Almighty

Serve the Lord’s Supper. Worship in Spirit. Celebrate special days.

#105   Shepherds: The Lord's Table (Communion).
Children: God Provided a ‘Lamb’ to Save Us.

#106   Shepherds: Celebrate Communion in your small group.

#108   Shepherds: Aaron and Other Worship Leaders.
Children: A Woman Washed Jesus’ Feet.

#109   Shepherds: Celebrate harvest and blessings with thanksgiving
Children:     Rejoice at Harvest Time.