Jesus Visited Frequently in Homes

Those who teach children should use Children’s study #23 for children.

Prayer: “Dear Lord, you came to live among us and to visit us in our homes. In that way, you showed love for us and brought salvation to us. Many people did not recognize you or receive you. Thank you for opening our eyes to who you are. Help us to take your good news to the homes of other people who need you.”

1.     Prepare your mind through prayer and studying Jesus’ example

Find in Luke 19:1-10 how salvation came to Zacheus and his family. (Answers follow.)

·         How did Zacheus show his interest in Jesus and his message? See verse 3.

·         How did Jesus show his love and forgiveness to Zacheus?
[See verse 5.]

·         Why was everyone surprised at the words Jesus spoke to Zacheus? See verse 7.

·         How did Zacheus show his repentance and his gratitude?
[See verse 8.]

·         Why did Jesus ask to visit Zacheus in his home?
[See verse 10.]

Find in Acts chapter 10 how salvation came to Cornelius, to his family and to many of his friends.

·         How did God prepare Peter to visit people who did not practice Jewish customs?
[See verses 9–16.]

·         Who accompanied Peter to visit Cornelius?
[See verse 23.]

·         Who was waiting for Peter in the home of Cornelius?
[See verse 24.]

·         What did Peter do before he began giving his message?
[See verse 29.]

·         What were some things that Peter said about Jesus?
[See verses 38–43.]

·         How soon was Cornelius baptized along with his friends and family?
[See verses 47 & 48.]

·         What did Peter and his helpers from Joppa do after they baptized the new believers?
[See verse 48.]

Find in Acts 9:32-43
another purpose for visiting in homes.


2.    Plan with your co-workers activities to do during the week

Make plans to visit the homes of the people in the congregation. Take others with you, so that they can learn from your example. Organize the church members so that all the families receive regular visits from others in the church.



Make plans to visit those who are sick and in trouble, so that you can pray for them.

Make plans to visit in the homes of friends and family members who do not know Jesus, so that you can tell them about Christ. Take others with you, or accompany them to visit their friends and relatives, so that they can learn from your example. Help new Christians to prepare a simple testimony about Jesus and what he has done for them, so that they can tell their testimony to friends and families

3.    Plan with Co-workers the Upcoming Worship.

Choose activities that fit current needs and local customs.

Tell or act out the story of Peter and his team taking the gospel to the home of Cornelius.

Ask questions about the things you found in part 1.


·         We should visit in one another’s homes to encourage each other and to pray for one another.

·         We should not normally go alone but in pairs or groups.

·         To avoid gossip, a man should not visit a woman alone in her home.

Peter visited other believers to encourage them and to pray for the sick. God used him to raise a sister in Christ from the dead.

We should also go to the homes of those who do not know Christ, just as Peter went to the home of Cornelius. Peter gave to Cornelius a simple message about Jesus. We can use this same message when we visit in the homes of people who do not know Jesus.

Here are the important things that Peter said about Jesus:

a)      God wants all people to know him and be saved. Verse 34-36.

b)      God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power to do good, to heal the sick, and to heal all who were oppressed by the devil. Verse 37-38.

c)      People witnessed Jesus’ death, his burial, and his appearances after he came back to life. Verse 39-41.

d)      Just as the prophets promised long ago, Jesus offers us forgiveness of sins through his name. Verse 43.

e)      Jesus commands us to share this good news with everyone. Verse 42

Read 1 Peter 4:8-9. Explain that God blesses those who practice hospitality.


To introduce the Lord’s Supper read Luke 7:36-50 about the woman who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears. Explain that, as we come into the presence of Jesus, the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin. We should take time to confess our sins and to remember how great God’s forgiveness is. The more we realize our sinfulness, the more gratitude and love we feel for his great mercy.

Have the children present the drama, poem and questions that they have prepared.

Ask the believers to give testimonies or reports about how God has used them to serve others in their homes and also how God blessed them when they offered hospitality to other believers.

Form groups of two or three people, to pray for, and to counsel one another and to confirm plans for visiting one another in their homes and for going to visit unbelievers.

Memorize together John 1:14.