Get Started with Paul-Timothy Studies

1.    Choose studies that fit your needs, using the Menu of Training Materials for Apprentice Shepherds and for Children’s Teachers.

•    Ask your coordinator for a copy of Tiny Flock’s Menu of Training Materials for Apprentice Shepherds and Children’s Teachers, or download a printable copy of booklete 2.

•    Studies are grouped under 16 Ministries, including an Introduction. Choose a study for each student that deals with the current needs of his congregation.

•    First find the Ministry that contains studies related to the need. For example, if a student wants to develop worship, find the corresponding studies on the menu under WORSHIP.

•    Keep studies for each ministry area stored separately, so that you can easily find them.

2.    Studies include a children’s version.

•    Most of the studies have a study for Shepherds and for Children. Children’s studies’ file names add the number 2 to the file name of the adult study.
      For example, the first study that has a corresponding children’s study is # 20. Its file names are:

Adult:     pt_020-1_lettersize.doc

Children: pt_020-2_lettersize.doc

•     Both studies treat the same topic. This enables children to prepare ahead of time a Bible story related to the topic that the adults will learn.
      The children can act out the Bible story for the adults during worship time.

•    Shepherd’s studies have the word ‘Shepherd’ in their top margin and children’s studies have the work ‘Children’ in their top margin.

•    Get better results with children by teaching them their study before worship, so that they will be prepared to participate along with adults in the worship time.

•    Children’s teachers should read use Guidelines for Children’s Teachers, number 5

3.    Ministries in the User’s Menu include sets of studies for different topics.

•    Each Ministry area has several sets of studies. For example, the ministry “Worship” includes sets on Communion, on celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, and on other aspects of worship.

•    Some sets also have supplementary studies with additional information on the topic.

•    New Shepherds’ studies help one to plan both the next week’s activities and the next worship.

4.    Initiate leader training using the “Getting Started” studies:

•    Trainers use Eleven Guidelines for Trainers study number 3.

•    Pastoral students use Guidelines for Shepherds Being Trained, number 4.

•    Children’s teachers use Guidelines for Children’s Teachers, number 5.

•    Other workers use Helping a Congregation’s Body Life number 7.