Start Churches Now!

Galen Currah and Patrick O'Connor
People of YES! 2013, 128 pages, 4x6 inches

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Start Churches Now!

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“Anything coming out of Galen Currah and Patrick O’Connor’s stable has to be just what is needed. ‘Start Churches Now!’ is just the thing that every church planter needs to have in hand as an answer book for all the FAQs that anyone could ask or think of. I am sure this would go a long way in CPMs all over the world.” Victor Choudhrie, MD, author of The Church in Your House, India.

“This… is destined to fuel the Kingdom Revolution unfolding in our day: a rediscovery of the New Testament multiplication that ‘turned the world upside down.’” Robby Butler, The Mission Network, USA.

“‘Start Churches Now!’ offers practical advice for church planters who are not attracted to large, bulky systems. Years of wisdom are packed into clear statements, and helpful tools give the church planter ways to plan and train. I highly recommend this book!” Robert Rasmussen, Director, U.S.A. Ministries of One Challenge International.

“If I’d read it 50 years ago, I’d have avoided a ton of mistakes!” George Patterson, author of Train & Multiply and Church Multiplication Guide.

“This book is spiritual gold. This is a great tool to help you start a new generation of multiplying house churches no matter where you live.” Dr. Rad Zdero, author of The Global House Church Movement and Letters to the House Church Movement.

“Don’t bring people to the church — bring the church to the people! Only if the church becomes viral like sourdough will it ever work itself through the whole dough. Let Patrick and Galen teach you the practical how-to steps to see that happen in your area!” Wolfgang Simson, Germany. Author of Houses That Change the World and “The Starfish Manifesto.”

“Our team in Mongolia applied the Biblical principles laid out in such simple and powerful form in the book you are holding. We saw God move in power and the birth of a movement of multiplying churches and Mongolian missions that continues today. Brian Hogan, Church Planting Coach and author of There’s a Sheep in my Bathtub: Birth of a Mongolian Church Planting Movement.

“‘Start Churches Now!’ is a very practical, simple, effective tool for church reproduction.” Ed Aw, NE India.

“I found myself saying ‘Yes!’ on page after page as I read it.” Felicity Dale. Author of An Army of Ordinary People, and co-author of The Rabbit and the Elephant!