Ajami Tools for Linux

Updated 28 August 2015

These tools have been tested under Debian Linux and Ubuntu Linux,
Gnome, Unity and xFce graphical desktops.

Unicode 6.1 compliant fonts for Ajami

Ajami keyboard map for Senegal

Macro to transcribe Roman to Ajami text in
OpenOffice and LibreOffice

Unicode 6.1+ compliant fonts for Ajami

Scheherazade 2.0 Arabic font available from

Harmattan 1.0 Arabic font available from SIL.


Ajami keyboard map setup

Enables users to type in Ajami from their keyboard into
LibreOffice 3.6 or newer on Linux computers.


1. Download this file: kbd_linux_unicode6.1_17-june-2013.kbdmap

2. Open this file in a text editor.

3. Select the entire text and copy it
    (press Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+C).

4. Open a Terminal window. Click inside it.

5. Type or paste:
     sudo gedit /usr/share/X11/xdb/symbols/ara
     and press Enter.

6. In this file, find the section called “Buckwalter”.

7. Select the entire section from
    “partial alphanumeric_keys”
    through the final “};”.

8. Paste the selection from the other file (press Ctrl+V).

9. Save the file ara and close the other file.


10. In Ubuntu 13 & 14, delete the pre-compiled keyboard

>sudo rm /var/lib/xkb/*.xkm [corrected]

11. Launch System Settings

12. Open Keyboard Layout

13. Click on Add or on the plus sign (+)

14. In the language list, click on Arabic (Buckwalter)

15. Click on “ar” in the task bar to switch to Ajami