Training leaders

Train new leaders in the way Jesus and the apostles did.

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Shepherds: Aquila and Priscilla, Mentoring New Leaders. Preview. Word. Pdf. Revised July 2017
Children: One Prophet Showed Another How to Serve God. Preview. Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

Shepherds: Mentor new shepherds like Paul did. Preview. Word. Pdf. Revised July 2017
Children: Jesus Sent Out Seventy-Two Evangelists. Preview. Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

Shepherds: Train Novice Leaders As Jesus and Paul Did. Preview. Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word
Children: Jesus Trained Leaders by Humbly Serving Them. Preview. Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

Supplement: Obedience-oriented training (32 pages). Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

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