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Read #1 first

#1 How to use Paul-Timothy studies. 
Preview. Word. Pdf. Revised July 2017

A printable version of the Paul-Timothy Users' Menu

#2 Menu of training materials for apprentices. PreviewDownload A4-fold. Letter-fold Word

Trainers should also read this

#3 Eleven guidelines for trainers (24 pages). Preview. Download  A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

#4 Guidelines for shepherds being trained (12 p). PreviewDownload A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

#5 Guidelines for children’s teachers.  Preview. Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

#6 Supplement: Ten tasks of mentoring. Preview. Download  A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

Supplemental guidelines

#7 Helping a congregation's body life. Preview. Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

#8 Planning and leading group worshipPreview. Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

#9 Basic topics to use when studies are not available. Preview
. Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

#10 Introducing Paul-Timothy: basic principles. Preview. Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

Assignment check list

#11 Checklist of studies assigned & completed. Preview. Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

#15 Bible insert: Gospel, Commandments, Mentoring. Preview. Download A4-fold. Letter-fold. Word

#119 Supplement: Church Reproduction Cycle. Preview. Download Letter-fold. Word