#20: David and Goliath. 1 Samuel 17:1-52
#21: The Prophet Nathan brought King David to repent. 2 Samuel 12:1-13.
#22: Joseph rescues his family, and shows them grace. Genesis chapters 37, 39-50.
#23: Jesus dines with disreputable people and tax collectors, Mark 2:13-17
#24: A Prodigal Son. Luke 15:11-32
#25: King Josiahís obedience to Godís Word, 2 Chronicles 34
#26: The wise and foolish builders. Matthew 7:24-27
#27: Builders found the book of the law while repairing the temple. 2 Kings 22; 23:1-25; 2 Kings 22; 23:1-25.
#30: Creation and the first man, Adam: Genesis chapter 1:1 Ė 2:1-3
#31: God rescues the Israelites from Pharaohís army, by opening a path for them through the Red Sea. Exodus 14:5-41
#32: Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai. Deuteronomy 5:1-21.
#33: Gideon. Judges chapters 6 - 7.
#34: King Solomon prays for wisdom, and God gives it to him. 1 Kings, chapter 3.
#35: Abraham receives Godís promise of a descendent through whom God would bless all families of the earth. Genesis 12:1-5; 15:3-6
#36: King Jehoiakim burns the scroll of Jeremiahís prophecies, and later throws him into a pit of miry clay. Jeremiah chapter 36 and 38:2-13
#37: Jesusí prayer of submission at Gethsemane. Matthew 26:36-47
#38: Jesusí trial, death and resurrection, Mark chapters 15 and 16
#39: Apostles are imprisoned for proclaiming about Christ. Acts 5:12-42
#40: Saul (later called Paul) meets Jesus on his way to persecute Christians. Acts 9
#42: Paul urges Philemon to receive back a runaway slave as a brother, Philemon 1.
#43: Johnís visions of heaven and earth. Book of Revelation.
#44: The birth of the first church. Acts 2:37-47.
#45: Jesus meets with sinners in Leviís home. Mark 2:14Ė17.
#46: Peter and his companions plant churches among folk of another culture. Acts chapter 10.
#47: Jesusí gives his final Great Commission before ascending to glory. Matthew 28:16-20.
#48: Stephenís martyrdom. Acts 6:8-15, 7:1-60, 8:1-4.
#49: Jesus with the children, Mark 10:13-16
#50: Jesusí resurrection. Luke chapter 24
#51: John the Baptist calls sinners to repent, Matthew 3:1-12
#52: Philip baptizes an Ethiopian in a desert, Acts 8:26-39
#53: Peter and John witness for Jesus in the face of opposition, Acts chapter 3
#54: Noah and the great flood. Genesis 6:5 through 9:1.
#55: Cornelius gathers his Italian family and friends to hear about Jesus. Acts 10
#56: Adam and Eve, Genesis 1:26-28; 2:18-25; 3:1-24
#56c: Jesus proves that he is ďThe Resurrection and the LifeĒ by raising Lazarus from the dead. John 11:1-53.
#57: Barnabas and others give generously, whilst Ananias and Saphira lie about their gift. Acts 4:32 through 5:14.
#58: Aquila, Priscilla and Paul served Christ as Ďbi-vocationalí tentmakers. Acts 18
#60: Two Stewards. Matthew 25:14-30
#61: Jesusí kindness leads Zacchaeus to repent. Luke:1-10.
#62: Jobís suffering and restoration.
#63: Nehemiah rallies the Jews to rebuild Jerusalemís demolished walls.
#64: Jesus is born of a virgin. Matthew 2:18-21; Luke 2Ē1-29; Matthew 2:1-23
#65: Jesusí return to life. Matthew chapter 28
#66: Athanasius struggled under the Roman Empire to affirm the truth of the Trinity.
#67: God prepared Martin Luther to initiate the Protestant Reformation.
#68: The Apostle Paulís first missionary journey. Acts chapters 13 and 14.
#69: Jesus compares how two wealthy men dealt with debtors. Matthew 18:21-35.
#70: A young widow, Ruth, finds a loving family. Ruth 1:16-17; 2:3-12.
#71: Jesusí parable about sheep and goats. Matthew 25:31-46
#72: Macedonian churches served needy churches in Judea. Romans 15:25-28 and 2 Corinthians 8:8
#73: A Good Samaritan. Luke 10:25-37
#74: Jesus evangelizes people of another culture. John 4:4-43
#75: Jesus sends workers to the villages of Israel. Luke 10:1-20
#76: Paul evangelized Greeks at Athens. Acts 17:15-34
#77: The Antioch believers send their first Christian missionaries. Acts 13
#78: Saul, who was also named Paul, receives his natural sight and a vision from God through Ananias. Acts 9:1-28
#79: Jesus washes his disciplesí feet. John 13:3-15
#81: Mosesí father-in-law Jethro advises him to shepherd Godís flock. Exodus 18:13-36.
#82: God commissions Joshua to be Israelís military leader. Joshua 1:1-9
#83: Jesus will judge the nations (parable of the sheep and goats), Matthew 25:31-46
#84: The prophet Samuel anoints David to be Israelís leader. 1 Samuel 16:1-13
#85: Workers coordinate their diverse skills to build Godís tabernacle, Exodus 36:1-7
#87: Elders settle a serious disagreement among churches and believers, Acts 15.
#90: Daniel survives in a lionsí den. Daniel, chapter 6
#92: Jesus heals blind Bartimeus, John 9
#93: Abraham fights five kings by faith, Genesis 14.
#94: Paul and Silas imprisoned in Philippi. Acts 16. 11-40
#95: Jesus casts a legion of demons out of a miserable demoniac. Mark 5:1-20.
#96: Jesus describes the kingdom of God with parables, Mark 5:1-20
#97: Jesus blesses little children. Mark:10:13-16
#98: John the Baptist baptizes Jesus, and all three persons of the Trinity appear. Matthew 3
#99: God revealed himself to Moses from the burning Bush. Exodus 3.
#100: Believers speak to one another to strengthen, edify and console, 1 Corinthians 14:3, 24-26.
#101: Priscilla and Aquila coach Apollos, A powerful leader. Acts 18:24-28
#102: King Jehoshaphat takes Godís word to where the people live. 2 Chronicles 17:3-9
#103: Jesus calls twelve disciples to do Godís work and be with him. Mark 13:19.
#105: Jesusí last supper with his disciples before his death. Matthew 26:19- 35
#106: Jesus establishes the ordinance of the Lordís Supper. Mark 14:12-26 and John 13:21-30.
#108: Elijah and the priests of Baíal. 1 Kings 18:17-45
#109: Godís people hold a great celebration of thanksgiving to celebrate the rebuilding of Jerusalem and its walls, Nehemiah 12:27-46
#114: Paul and Barnabas visit newly planted congregations, and report progress to their home church in Antioch. Acts 14:21-27.