#20: Tell how to encourage bruised, ashamed and timid lambs. Receive courage from God by reading 1 Samuel 17.
#21: Find how to deal with personal or family problems in a biblical way.
#22: Know what Scripture says about Godís grace, which cannot be merited; grace can only be given or received.
#23: Know what Godís word says about visiting and homes.
#24: Know what Scripture teaches about breaking bad habits.
#25: Respect, honour and obey Godís holy Word.
#26: Value the wealth of wisdom and redeeming truth in the Bible.
#27: Grasp the scope of sacred Scripture.
#30: Find who the faithful patriarchs were in the book of Genesis.
#31: Understand how God prepared both Egyptians and Israelites, to free his people Israel from slavery in Egypt.
#32: Know the basis of the Old Covenant that God made with the nation of Israel.
#33: Find examples of God keeping his promises.
#34: Be familiar with the main topics of the wisdom books of the Old Testament.
#35: Be familiar with prophecies of the coming Messiah.
#36: Understand the role of the Old Testament prophets.
#37: Discern the different emphases on the life of Christ, of each of the four Gospels.
#38: Know and appreciate the final key events in Jesusí earthly life.
#39: Discover how the apostles did ministry, during worship and during the week.
#40: Find how the apostles and believers in the first churches witnessed for Jesus.
#42: Be familiar with the different authors and topics of the New Testament letters.
#43: Grasp the main message of Revelation.
#44: Know what believers are to do together when they gather.
#45: Grasp how Jesus sought and saved even the worst of sinners.
#46: Discern how the apostles planted churches.
#47: Memorize Jesusí Great Commission by heart.
#48: Know how to glorify Jesus Christ by obeying him.
#49: Grasp what Scripture teaches about dealing with children.
#50: Know the biblical record of Jesusí death, burial and resurrection, and their significance.
#51: Discover the need and meeting of heartfelt repentance.
#52: Know accurately what Scripture teaches about baptism.
#53: Know what the New Testament teaches about witnessing for Jesus.
#54: Know accurately what God says about the salvation of sinners.
#55: Know instances in Scripture when believers share their faith with friends and kin.
#56: Know what Adam and Eve did to bring about the fall of all mankind.
#56c: Discover what Scripture teaches about Jesus resurrection and what it does for believers.
#57: Understand accurately what the New Testament instructs about giving.
#58: Affirm that Paul and other apostles and church planters often served the Lord without pay, supporting themselves by manual labor.
#60: Discern our duty to carry out the work that that God has entrusted to us to do
#61: Grasp how the Holy Spirit powerfully applies Christís transforming grace to repentant believers.
#62: Believe that believersí suffering on this earth does not compare
#63: Find in the example of Nehemiah how to mobilize to work efficiently for the Lord.
#64: Know that the little child nursing at Maryís breast was God.
#65: Know the importance of Christís life-giving resurrection, after he lay in repose over the Sabbath day of rest.
#66: Describe major events in church history of the first four centuries following Christ.
#67: Find how God has used godly reformers through the Middle Ages to keep his church true to its original foundation.
#68: Grasp the scope and different methods of missionary outreach during the last four centuries.
#69: Grasp Godís standard for showing compassion to less fortunate people.
#70: Know accurately what God has revealed concerning marriage and family life.
#71: Find what Jesus and the apostles taught and did concerning the needy.
#72: Find what God teaches about the duty of believers and congregations to serve one another.
#73: Find how practical Scripture is when dealing with our duties.
#74: Know what God teaches about reaching other cultures and peoples for Christ.
#75: Find how the apostles and their co-workers worked together to reach the lost.
#76: Learn what the Bible teaches about dealing with other cultures.
#77: Find how the first missionaries were commissioned and sent, and what were their results.
#78: Find out whom God has promised to call to repentance throughout the earth.
#79: See how God wants his people to serve one another in love.
#81: Understand accurately Godís pattern to organize for action.
#82: Find and examine Godís teaching about discipline for his people.
#83: Know what the New Testament teaches about organizing Godís people to serve.
#84: Find what God teaches in his Word about regional overseers.
#85: Find what the New Testament teaches about believersí spiritual gifts.
#86: Know the New Testament lists of spiritual gifts.
#87: Discover Godís instructions for church leaders.
#90: Be familiar with scriptural teaching about prayer.
#92: Discover the scope of Godís instruction for physical healing.
#93: Find what God teaches about saving faith and what it produces.
#94: Find how believers benefit from enduring persecution.
#95: Be aware of what God teaches about Satan and demons, and how to resist them.
#96: Learn key Bible stories that will bring people to faith in Christ.
#97: Grasp what Scripture teaches about dealing with children.
#98: Find the biblical basis for belief in the Trinity.
#99: Know the importance of Godís calling and commissioning Moses.
#100: Find out what Scripture teaches about teaching.
#101: Discover in the Bible how godly leaders coach and mobilize new leaders.
#102: Find how God taught the Israelites outside of temples and synagogues.
#103: Discover how Christ and Paul trained new leaders.
#105: Understand the reason and purpose of the Lordís Supper.
#106: Know how to serve the Lord Supper in a home or other informal surroundings, to a small group.
#108: Know what Scripture teaches about true worship, and its forms in both the Old and New Testaments.
#109: Learn from examples in Scripture to give fervent thanks to the Lord.
#114: Find how the apostles kept track of progress and problems in new churches.