#20: Ask the Good Shepherd to give to you compassion for his lost and hurting sheep. Show mercy to people who need it.
#22: Appreciate the infinite depth of Godís abounding grace.
#23: Appreciate the enormously beneficial results of visiting and homes.
#24: Appreciate the power of Christ to free victims from bad habits of the flesh.
#25: Read and meditate on Godís word daily, including with oneís family. Gain a profound appreciation for the infinite value of Scripture. Find how joyful learning Godís word can be.
#26: Learners will study Godís Word with the strong intention to put it into practice.
#27: Appreciate the depth and breadth of the teaching of Godís word.
#30: Appreciate how God has worked out his eternal plan through weak, often disobedient human beings.
#31: Appreciate the great miracle of the Exodus whereby God brought his people out of Egypt to become the nation of Israel.
#32: Appreciate how Godís Law prepared the nation of Israel for the coming of Messiah.
#33: Trust in Godís promises.
#34: Appreciate the beauty and practical advice found in the wisdom literature.
#35: Appreciate the wealth of messianic prophecy throughout the Old Testament.
#36: Have the same bold resolve to speak the truth as the Old Testament prophets did.
#37: Greater understanding and appreciation of what Jesus taught and did on earth.
#38: Grasp the eternal importance of believing these pivotal events.
#39: Embrace the importance of following the example that the apostles set for us.
#40: Believers carefully follow the example of the apostles.
#42: Appreciate the great wealth of information, comfort and practical advice written in the apostleís letters.
#43: Appreciate what Christ revealed about the future of his people and of this earth.
#44: Believers increasingly appreciate group worship.
#45: Gain a strong desire to befriend and evangelize those whom others reject.
#46: Embrace the apostlesí methods of evangelism and church planting.
#47: Obey Christís general commands out of love.
#48: Love for Jesus increases, making obedience oneís greatest goal.
#49: Appreciate Godís profound concern for children.
#50: Increasingly rely on this good news to bring sinners to faith, by Godís grace.
#51: Trust the Holy Spirit, not your own exhortation, to bring people to repent.
#52: Appreciate how God uses baptism to confirm repentance and faith.
#53: Appreciate the Holy Spiritís power that comes with the basic gospel message.
#54: Learners trust in Christ, and in nothing else, for their eternal salvation.
#55: Rely on the Holy Spiritís power to spread the gospel through friendship and kinship ties.
#56: You, your family and friends know the account of Adam and Eve and their fall.
#56c: Cling to Godís promises that we believers will be raised in Christ, as part of his eternal Body.
#57: Give cheerfully.
#58: Be willing, even eager, to serve as self-supporting (bi-vocational) ďtentmakers,Ē or, if receiving pay, respect and multiply volunteer, non-paid workers.
#60: Have a heartfelt desire to be daily an active servant of Christ.
#61: Seek with your whole heart, and help others to seek, Godís transforming grace.
#62: Let suffering deepen oneís spiritual life in Christ.
#63: Believers see that Godís work is much more than what is done during worship.
#64: Appreciate the importance of the incarnation of Christ, for all humans.
#65: Grasp the truth that we humansí only hope for eternal life come from rising from death with Jesus, sharing in his resurrection.
#66: Appreciate the tremendous efforts and sacrifices made by the early Christians.
#67: Appreciate how God kept the torch of truth burning throughout centuries of ignorance and conflict.
#68: Contribute continually in some effective way to mission outreachí
#69: Churches mobilize many to serve the needy and the sorrowful.
#70: Care lovingly for oneís spouse and children, above all else.
#71: Hearts are moved with the compassion of Christ for those in need.
#72: Strongly desire to serve believers of other congregations more groups.
#73: Develop a strong desire to serve others out of love.
#74: Send workers to neglected peoples.
#75: Practice working as a team in all aspects of Christian ministry.
#76: Enjoy working with people of another culture.
#77: Appreciate Godís compassionate plan to have people of all nations receive Christ.
#78: Rejoice in the precious truth that God is saving people of all tongues and tribes.
#79: Harmonize the use of the congregationís different spiritual gifts, as a united body.
#81: Discern and put to use the varied gifts that God has given to all members of the congregation.
#82: Value highly biblical discipline, both to maintain order and to correct offenders.
#83: Many members of the church develop and use leadership skills.
#84: Know and appreciate the ideal biblical character traits of overseers.
#85: Learn what oneís spiritual gifts are, and use them in the power of the Holy Spirit.
#86: Serve others by gifts that the Holy Spirit has given you.
#87: Leaders put into practice their New Testament duties and Spirit-given virtues.
#90: Prayer includes praise, confession and thanksgiving, as well as petitions.
#92: Have confidence in Jesusí powerful name, to heal.
#93: Believers are more fervent in prayer, and in serving through faith.
#94: Welcome persecution for Christís sake.
#95: Discover the power that we can wield in the name of Jesus to disarm evil spirits.
#96: Be aware of how powerfully stories can convey Godís truths.
#97: Adopt Godís profound concern for children.
#98: Believe in the Trinity, even though no one can explain its mystery of three-in-one.
#99: Appreciate how Moses by knowing God helped others to know God.
#100: Appreciate the great value of small group dialogue and applying the Word.
#101: Avoid abstract, classroom-type training when mobilizing new leaders for action.
#102: Grasp the need to take Godís word to those who need it, wherever they are.
#103: Appreciate why Jesus prepared leaders on the job, and not in a classroom.
#105: Appreciate the spiritual benefits of taking part in the Lordís Supper
#106: Value the loving fellowship and meaningful worship that a small group can offer.
#108: Develop wholesome patterns and practices of worship.
#109: Appreciate the tremendous works of the Lord that merit our fervent thankfulness.
#114: Discover the value of keeping records of progress and problems in Godís work.