#20: Others have studied this same lesson and have put it into steady practice.
#21: Members of your church deal biblically with their own problems.
#22: The believers are trusting Godís grace to save and justify them, rather than counting on their own good works to justify their for God
#23: The believers visit many who need Christís help during the week.
#24: Many find victory in freedom in Christ, from bad habits and addictions.
#25: All believers in oneís church come to love and obey Godís word.
#26: Many believers will train many others to use Godís Word skillfully.
#27: Believers rightly handle the word of truth.
#30: Believers have a general understanding of what the book of Genesis teaches.
#31: Many believers communicate the vast importance of the Exodus, to prepare Godís people in the Old Testament to be a special, holy nation.
#32: Believers discern which parts of the Law applied only to the nation of Israel before Christ came, and which parts apply today to us who follow the New Testament.
#33: Believers act vigorously in response to Godís promises, knowing that they will be rewarded in glory.
#34: Believers practice the important precepts of the wisdom literature.
#35: Believers share with many their knowledge of the prophecies of Christ.
#36: Believers have an accurate grasp of the importance of Godís prophets, and appreciate their messages from God.
#37: Believers have a well-rounded view of Christís life and death on earth.
#38: Believers testify to others about the saving death and resurrection of Jesus.
#39: Congregations discern, commission and send out believers who have an apostolic gift.
#40: Many believers testify effectively for Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.
#42: Believers read the apostleís letters often, with understanding and obedience.
#43: You and your co-workers tell believers and nonbelievers key events to come.
#44: All congregations keep birthing daughter churches that gather wherever it is practical and convenient.
#45: Win many to Christ by following his example of going to the lost.
#46: Many new congregations are born, and multiply.
#47: All who learner instructs are being and making disciples that obey all of Jesus commands in love.
#48: Loving obedience becomes contagious. Those whom learner instructs also glorify Jesus by their loving obedience.
#49: Believers instruct their children in Godís ways, and leaders engage the children actively in weekly worship.
#50: Many people come to faith in Christ through the proclaiming of the Good News, both by learners and by those to whom learners tell the good news.
#51: Believers are calling their unsaved friends to repent, and believers who have strayed are now following Christ.
#52: Believers baptize the newly reborn Christians without delay, as the apostles did.
#53: Believers witness to many others for Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
#54: Believers are assured of their salvation, and they assure others of their salvation, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
#55: Believers help all who come to Christ to tell their friends and family about him, in a way they can imitate and pass on, so that the gospel keeps flowing through each social network.
#56: Believers crucify the works of the flesh and their desire to sin that they have inherited from Adam.
#56c: Believers are strengthened in their spirit and encouraged, knowing that in Christ they are already risen in Godís sight.
#57: Believers give sacrificially, without being prodded.
#58: Many volunteer workers support themselves and serve the Body of Christ
#60: Believers conscientiously and wisely serve Christ as faithful stewards.
#61: Many believers receive the transforming, sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.
#62: Many believers are living godly lives, despite of suffering, opposition and hardships.
#63: Believers carry out evangelistic and pastoral endeavors in the power of the Holy Spirit.
#64: Many hear and believe that God came to earth to save men from their sins.
#65: Many come to believe that Jesus rose from the dead, understanding how important this is for humans.
#66: Believers wisely and effectively site examples from early history to defend and confirm their faith.
#67: Believers have the same zeal and purpose as Martin Luther and other reformers, to keep the church and its doctrine true to Godís revealed truth.
#68: Believers and congregations fervently support mission work among neglected people, praying and sending workers
#69: Believers are serving the discouraged and the needful with loving compassion.
#70: The believers enjoy healthy, happy and godly family life.
#71: Believers and congregations are showing love in a practical way by caring for both believers and nonbelievers who are in need.
#72: Churches and cell groups actively cooperate and serve each other.
#73: Believers lovingly serve others daily.
#74: Churches multiply rapidly in currently neglected fields.
#75: Several new teams are multiplying churches.
#76: Love and bond with people of a different culture, and bring Christ to them.
#77: Start a movement for Christ among a neglected people, in which new flocks will multiply.
#78: Believers reach out to other ethnic communities.
#79: All members of the congregation actively serve each other.
#81: Believers serve each other and their neighbors; shepherds share responsibilities with other shepherds; and churches cooperate with each other.
#82: Believers and churches maintain consistent, godly discipline.
#83: Believers work closely together to serve one another and others in the community effectively.
#84: Regional overseers wisely name and instruct leaders of new congregations...
#85: Believers use their spiritual gifts and natural talents in loving harmony to edify the body.
#86: Congregations become ministry centres where all believers serve by the Spiritís grace.
#87: Believers live holy lives and serve Christ actively by using their different spiritual gifts.
#90: All believers and their families pray daily with fervent faith.
#92: Believers commonly heal the sick in Jesusí name.
#93: Believers continually increase their works of faith, serving Christ and others.
#94: Believers welcome suffering for Christ, knowing that it brings great reward.
#95: All believers employ the whole armor of God in spiritual warfare.
#96: Believers know and tell Bible stories to many friends and family.
#97: Believers instruct their children in Godís way.
#98: Believers love all three persons of the Trinity, and discern their different roles and operations in Scripture.
#99: Believers know God by learning from both the Old and New Testaments.
#100: Believers immediately and vigorously apply what they learn from Godís word.
#101: Churches multiply fast, as leaders coach their own ĎTimothies.í
#102: Believers take Godís truth to many who need to hear it.
#103: Congregations multiply and grow in Christ as many new leaders receive training.
#105: Believers celebrate the Lordís Supper regularly in communion with Jesus, and with one another.
#106: All believers receive the Lordís Supper regularly, and examine themselves in order to receive the bread and cup worthily.
#108: Learners and those whom they instructs devoutly worship the Almighty.
#109: Believers continually express thanks to the Lord in their hearts.
#114: Workers detect both problems and effective methods by keeping records.