How to contribute to CVI²

Please read these notes and instructions carefully.

(Revised 24 August 2016)



  1. Contributions made to CVI² are U.S. tax deductible.

  2. You may advise CVI² in writing on how you would like CVI² to apply your gift.

  3. If you want to receive a tax-deductible receipt, then you must provide a complete, return-mail address or current e-mail address. Please, spell out your name as you want it to appear on your receipt.

  4. CVI² can issue receipts for gifts in kind. You can also donate cars, trucks, boats, rv's, motor homes, motorcycles, off road vehicles, heavy equipment and most other motorized vehicles, to Cars 4 Causes and designate resale proceeds for Community Vision International. Visit

  5. CVI² administrative charges never exceed five percent of gifts received.
    The 5% fee applies only to the first $2500 of a one-time contribution to a single project. No fee is applied to the portion beyond $2500. This fee pays for accounting, book-keeping, receipting, administration, postage, telecommunication, taxes, fees, office equipment, governmental reporting, and other services to programs and projects. (CVI² officers are not salaried by the organization.)

  6. Questions? E-mail CVI² here or telephone 909-496-6370.

  7. Has your telephone number, e-mail or postal address changed?
    Then please e-mail: here or telephone our accounting office at 909-496-6370.



CVI² can receive your contribution made in any of the following ways:

  • Mail a check to CVI². Make checks payable to Community Vision. If you have a mail-back slip from CVI², then please include it with your check. Otherwise, on the check memo line or in a cover letter, indicate a CVI² associate's name or a CVI² project number.

    Mail cheques to:

Community Vision
P.O. Box 33286
Portland OR 97292

We will send to you a tax-deductible receipt by postal mail or by electronic mail, if you provide an complete, current postal or e-mail address. We will also send you a mail-back slip to include with your next contribution.

  • Send a check by on-line banking. Using a computer browser, go to your on-line bank account and have your bank mail a check to CVI² the address above.

  • Arrange for automatic, recurring bank checks. Have your bank mail automatic, monthly contributions to CVI² by check. Be sure to indicate:
    (a) Payee: Community Vision
    (b) From: your name or your CVI² contributor's code
    (c) Account: a CVI² associate's name or CVI² project number. 
    Otherwise, we would not know who you were or to whom you were contributing.

  • Make automatic, recurring contributions via PayPal from your bank card or PayPal account. Click a PayPal button on an associate's web page, fill in an amount, then click in the box beside "Make this a monthly donation".

  • Use your bank card via PayPal.

1. At the CVI² home page, click on an associate's picture or name.
2. On an associate's personal page, click on a PayPal Donate button.
3. Click beside $0.00 and type an amount.
4. Indicate in the message area:

(a) your own CVI² contributor's code number from a CVI² receipt, or
(b) your name and complete postal or a current e-mail address

Otherwise, we would not know who you are.

NOTE: Paypal charges a 2.2% fee to process your gift with a bank card.

  • Donate stock to CVI² for a project or associate. Click here
  • Sorry, CVI² does not process bank card contributions sent by mail, because "merchant" fees remain too high for our low-overhead operation.

Questions? Contact us.

Postal address: P.O. Box 33286, Portland OR 97292-3286 (USA)

Accounting telephone: 909.496.6370

E-mail, click here.