Michele Pate
Michele A. Pate (P120MAP)

Ensuring timely, accurate, accounting services to CVI directors,
associates and contributors.

Having grown up in a home that sponsored community transformation projects in various countries, Shell has served populations in need in several countries.

After earning a degree in Mathematics, a Secondary Education Certificate, and a Certificate to Teach English as a Second Language, Shell worked as a retirement benefits analyst and consultant for many years.  Her financial and technical specialties prepared her to manage Accounts Payable as an accounting assistant for a large conference center.

Shell serves behind the scenes at CVI2 in Accounting and Benefactor services.

Michele’s mission is to help enable CVI2 associates to transform communities by providing them and their directors with needed CVI2 benefactor and accounting services in accurate, pleasant, timely and relevant ways.


Michele’s vision is to see CVI2 associates, benefactors and directors receive appropriate receipting, accounting, payment and reporting services.

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Michele A. Pate (P120MAP)

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