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Marian Hunderford
Marian E. Hungerford (P136MEH)

Teaching and modeling compassionate response to critical needs. 

Marian, who hails from an Oregon family of nine siblings, holds degrees and certification in Anthropology, linguistics, community health and cross-cultural communication. She both practices in those specialties and teaches them internationally.

She has resided in Cameroon, Africa, since the 1970s. Whilst serving translation projects and leading professional training courses, she also works intimately with Cameroonians in their community development efforts, as well as relief to the poor and to those with chronic health needs.

Marian currently resides in northern Cameroon, where her home remains open to women and children at risk. Besides emergency help, Marian demonstrates profit-making agriculture of highly-nutritional crops, poultry and animal husbandry. She calls these efforts "Bainga Building."

In August 2014, Marian had to move her residence to a bigger town, because of terrorist threats and actions.

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Marian E. Hungerford (P136MEH)

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