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 Shane & Wendy Lankford
Shane and Wendy Lankford (P154SWL)

Guiding American youth out of poverty

Shane and Wendy have invested 15 years in working with youth, and ten of those years serving orphaned and vulnerable children and youth.

They have adopted two children, one of whom has "special needs," besides opening their home as a transition for young men who have been "aged out" of state foster care.

Besides working directly with needy youth, Shane and Wendy devote several hours a week to cooperating with voluntary organizations such as Open Table.

In their own words, "We walk alongside vulnerable people to help them find refuge, restoration, and relationships, so that they may heal, thrive, and participate in family and community life."

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Shane and Wendy Lankford (P154SWL)

Harbor of Refuge (P157HRM)

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