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Talent Trust and CVI2 collaborated on the following statement
July 2009

CVI2 associates can acquire their own relatively low-cost medical insurance through a company called Talent Trust (TTc), dedicated exclusively to serving international faith-based workers. TTc "acts as an intercessor between its members (subscribers) and the underwriters who are part of the Aetna global group, one of America's largest insurers, rated A (Excellent) by Standard and Poor's." TTc offers two Goodhealth Worldwide-underwritten plans: Alpha, an "international long-term policy, specially developed for non-American overseas workers"; Omega, "a private medical insurance program that provides coverage for American expatriates and individuals working in the United States. The Alpha policy "provides worldwide coverage that also includes 60 days of emergency coverage in the United States." The Omega program "gives full, worldwide protection right through into retirement." Each plan also offers other insurance options, e.g., travel cover, extended compassionate travel, and term life. Plan participants are served through numerous providers and service centers throughout the world. In the USA, the providers are PPOs. On average TTc's premiums are about 40% cheaper than other American insurers. This is because it is located outside the USA and functions globally. See www.talent-trust.com for more details.

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