Support of Third Party Foreign Workers

Revised 19 November 2014



·      CVI2 associates working outside the USA sometimes become aware of local persons who perform commendable community transformation tasks yet lack sufficient income or funds to be effective.

·      Those associates may desire to channel funds through CVI2 in support of such persons or to further enable their work.

·      Since CVI2 does not exist to underwrite personal incomes or to support projects for non-associates, CVI2 has adopted the following guidelines for associates.


·      ​There remain an infinite number of willing workers who have neither an income nor accountability within a responsible structure.​

·      ​Associates sometimes respond to an apparent human need without regard for a local community's responsibility to support its own workers.

·      ​CVI2 operates under government regulations, established policies and written guidelines, none of which provide for unsupervised channeling of funds to third parties.

CVI2 does not

·      Provide compensation or salary support to pastors or priests of congregations, for congregations remain under mandate from God to give freely.

·      Support third-party personnel who have no approved community-transformation project plan that is not supervised and periodically evaluated by a CVI2 associate.

CVI2 may allow support for a third-party worker under certain conditions​

·      ​Work is performed under a CVI2-approved project.

·      An associate supervises or periodically evaluates that worker’s performance and impact.

·      The work has a termination or assessment date agreed to by a CVI2 associate, the third-party worker and a local structure (if able, available and willing).

​Criteria for third-party support

·      Support is for a limited time, typically for one year, renewable upon evaluation of outcomes and potential for local support.

·      ​​A CVI2 associate supervises or monitors work outcomes through personal field visits or written reports.

·      The supervising associate has submitted a project plan through CVI2’s Project Approval Request at http// that specifies a need of third-party support.

·      In no wise, will third-party support continue beyond four years. This is to avoid continual dependence upon foreign money, opportunism and stagnation.

​ Processing of third-party support funds

·      CVI2 will receive and process funds designated for the third party.

·      CVI2 prefers to disburse such funds to an associate’s project account opened under the associate’s EIN at a USA bank.

·      If a CVI2 associate has only a USA bank account opened under a personal SSN, then CVI2 will disburse project funds to that personal account to be reported as 1099 income, which, if passed to a foreign worker, may be deducted on the associate’s 1040 Schedule C.

·      A CVI2 associate should always keep check stubs, receipts or other paperwork to prove, if required, that disbursements were made to the third party.