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Project Description
Administration CVI2 Administration or wherever most needed P001CVI
Alicia E. Hamilton Filling Homes and Hearts with Hope P159AEH
A., E. & R. Training in culturally-appropriate, bi-vocational work P051ERA
Baker, Randy & Aaron Providing homeless children with life and work skills P148LG
Baldwin, Katie Networking international students in Africa P126KGB
Bauer, Chris & Marie
Facilitating culturally-sensitive change P164JDB
Barbour, Betsy Empowering learners in cross-cultural communication P133EMB
Carr, Tyson & Gina Srengthening Families to Transform Communities P138TGC
Bringing hope to a neglected population in Asia P145MCG
Currah, Dr. Galen Mentoring for community transformation P006PTT
Currah, Dr. Galen Editing and publishing literature in Ajami script P132AL
Currah, Jennifer Ensuring CVI2 income processing P057JAC
D., Mena Providing disaster orphan care in southeast Asia P045JMD
D. Ned Development for urban neglected in the ME P118EMD
D. Sky Leader training amongst street children in the ME P119SD
Emrick, Frank & Barbara Alaskan Churches in Mission P127FPE
Gilbert, Tom & Nancy Networking for transformation P097TNG
Hungerford, Marian Maison de Charité (Household of Love) P169MdC
Hungerford, Marian Vernacular Biblical Literature
Hungerford, Marian Mother-Child Nutrition (vernacular literature & training)
Hungerford, Marian Bestowing Basics (response to emergency needs)
J. Scott Browder Capacity Building for Professionals in Mongolia P143JSB
Kamprath, Sara From dependency to interdependency P144ILN
K., W. Professional training for transformation initiatives
Lankford, Shane & Wendy Guiding American youth out of poverty P154SWL
Lankford, Shane & Wendy
Harbor of Refuge
Leander, Kent & Gulnara Providing family and community resources (Ecuador) P065ICL
L., J.S. Teaching and networking within ethnic Chinese overseas P064JSL
Libke, Ms. Katy Mentoring disadvantaged and ethnic students P013KAL
McKee, Mr. Jack Building bridges to America’s youth P032JWM
Miles & Mariam
Bringing hope to a neglected population in Asia P145MCG
Miller, Mr. David Reaching and developing students in Oregon P023DLM
Ned & Sky Bringing lasting change to suffering populations P117ESD
Pate, Michele CVI2 accounting services P120MAP
Patterson, Dr. George Consulting and writing on leader training P018GP
R. G. Empowering the poor
Razafisolo, Mamy Affordable schools amongst the poor in Madagascar P052MHR
Reves, Dr. Richard Clarifying visionaries' call and work P002RJR
Reves, Mrs. Ruth Accounting and oversight of all benefactor services P009RAR
Rosenbrock, D. & T. Living and Serving among First Nations People P063DTR
Simmons, Rev. Brian Training transformational leaders in neglected regions P112BRS
Stellway, Dr. Richard Facilitating care of children affected by HIV/AIDS P029RJS
Stellway, Mrs. Janet Developing partnerships with African schools P031JNS
S. & S. Community transformation in South Asia P135SKJ
Werst, John R. Building men for strategic living P112JRW
Kuda & Ruth Zvinoera Education for  youth and families at-risk P158KT
Sam & Cameron
Serving a neglected community in East Asia