Community Vision International, Inc.


Revised 7th May 2015


Registration. CVI2 was registered in 2001 in Oregon, USA, as a public benefit, non-profit corporation. CVI2 received its USA Department of the Treasury-IRS Letter of Determination as public, tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation on March 7, 2002, and was registered with the USA Department of Justice in 2002.


Purpose. CVI˛ seeks to enable community transformation consultants and workers who advise, assist and train communities’ social units to facilitate socio-cultural transformation, using available resources, skills and tools.

Associates. CVI2 has neither employees nor members, but rather serves qualifying independent contractors and their community-uplift service programs and projects in the USA and in other countries.


Limits—CVI2, by law, neither dictates how independent contractors shall perform their services, nor assumes control or responsibility over independent contractors’ livelihood or service methods. Thus, independent contractors alone remain responsible for their activities, affiliations, calendar, employments, funding, fund-handling, movements, opinions, religious involvements, statements, travels, etc.



Independent contractors’ responsibilities to CVI2 include (1) formulation of annual public program service goals; (2) management of their programs and projects; (3) filing of quarterly plans and reports; and (4) submittal of an annual program service report.



Independent contractors remain responsible to prepare an emergency plan and to implement their plan in the event of unexpected emergencies. Contractors remain solely responsible for any risks or personal safety liabilities they assume—either advertently or inadvertently. Contractors, therefore, should garner a thorough understanding of the risks they face based upon their geographic area of operation(s).


CVI2 urges all contractors to operate with a situational awareness and to ensure that proper safe guards (such as training, education, medical and evacuation insurance, emergency plans, contingency funds, etc.) are in place prior to commencement of any services, work, or travel that the contractor may engage in.


CVI2 neither assumes responsibility for contractors, nor does it have financial means to succor them or to repatriate them.

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