Revised November 25, 2011

(Please, download a printable version of this document, from the CVI2 website.) 

Please, fill in this document to request that CVI2 approve a project to receive contributions made through CVI2. Remember, every project that is supported through CVI2 must (1) first be approved and (2) be managed by you. (Please, see the notes on page 3.)


Today’s date: ___________________________


Submitted by (CVI² associate-project manager’s name): _______________________________________________


  1.  Project Title (up to about seven words). E.g., “Street children rehabilitation”


  2.  Purpose (in one sentence). E.g., “To provide homeless children with training in life and work skills”


  3.  Brief description (main activities and outcomes, in one paragraph. Attach a full description, if available.)


  4.  Project location (countries and cities or regions)


  5.  Project start date (past or future)


  6.  Anticipated project duration (in months or years, or termination date)


  7.  Number and kinds of beneficiaries (individuals or communities)


  8.  Kinds and amounts of local participation (labor, material, finance)


  9.  Anticipated outcomes (list short-term, mid-term and long-term expectations)


10.  Project evaluation (how will outcomes be described or measured, and how often)


11.  Main project budget items (for which funds contributed to CVI² will be disbursed)


12.  Project bank account (Please, read the following and fill in the required information.)

If you, as the project applicant, file USA tax returns, then you should have a separate, dedicated, USA-based, project bank account into which CVI2 can disburse all contributions received for the project.


This project bank account must be opened with an existing EIN (employer identification number, one of several different kinds TIN, tax identification number).


If you do not have an EIN, then you may obtain one here:,,id=102767,00.html?portlet=105 .


The project bank account name can be the same as the project’s name, or it can have a more generic name, like Smith’s Projects (a better option if you will manage more than one project), or it can be the bank account for your already-registered business.


Your dedicated, project bank account must be used ONLY for project funds, NOT for CVI2-disbursed personal compensation funds. Funds deposited in your project account must all go to paying project expenses, never to your personal compensation.


If you are married, then you and your spouse can both be signatories to the dedicated project account. (A bank account may have any number of signatories, regardless of whose tax number it carries.)

Following this approach:

·         CVI2 can disburse to your project bank account ALL contributions designated to this project.

·         Your separate personal and business bank accounts and bank records will distinguish clearly between personal compensation funds and project funds, both for your convenience and in the event of an IRS audit.

·         CVI2 will issue to you and to the IRS annual 1099-MISC forms that show ALL your personal compensation income, but NOT your CVI2-approved and disbursed project income, which you must dispense solely for your CVI2-approved service projects’ expenses.

Please supply CVI2 with the following details about your CVI2 project account:


Bank name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________


Bank postal address: ______________________________________________________________________________________


Precise name of your project account: _____________________________________________________________


Exact project bank account number:  ______________________________________________________________


Complete EIN under which the bank project account was opened: _____________________________


Applicant’s signature ______________________________________________________ Date  ___________________


CVI2 directors are required by law to ensure that all CVI2 and CVI2-approved activities (program or project services) further its tax-exempt purposes, and that CVI2 not participate in certain activities that are prohibited or restricted.

Project funds that CVI2 disburses to associates’ dedicated project accounts must all go to paying project expenses, never to personal compensation. These funds will not appear on 1099-MISC forms sent annually by CVI2 to the IRS and to CVI2 those associates who file USA tax forms.

Only a CVI² associate may propose a project for approval by CVI² to receive contributed funds.  That associate will manage the project as a contractor to CVI².  A CVI² project may be an entire program or some discreet function or division within a CVI2 or non-CVI² program.


Do not write below this line:

Date: ____________________________________________________

[  ] Project approved                                                          Project number:  P                                              

[  ] Project not approved                                       

Comment or further action to be taken:

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