CVI² Associates’ Health Care and Retirement Costs

CVI². Community Vision was shaped in 2000 by mature, experienced community transformation workers who wanted to avoid the bureaucracy and cumbersome accounting that characterize many 20th century service agencies. This has proven feasible by admitting as associates only experienced, qualified, self-motivated personnel who have proved to be effective field workers.

Associates. In 2009, CVI² associates range in age between their mid-20s and mid-80s with an average age of about 50, collectively representing 1000 years of training and service. When associating with CVI², most have demonstrated several years of intercultural experience in international settings. All associates remain salaried by other companies or self-supported, associating with CVI² as an efficient, low-cost, legally-supervised means of accounting for their charitable work.

Health care and retirement. CVI² sets no mandatory retirement age. Since most CVI² associates maintain their own personal and family support, they have their own health and retirement programs. Those associates who live primarily by contributions received through CVI² are encouraged to make their own health care and retirement arrangements. These may include:

Costs. Unlike agencies that hire or appoint mostly inexperienced, full-time, career personnel who require salaries, benefits, insurances policies, education and housing funds, and retirement programs, CVI² seeks to:

CVI²’s efficient, low-cost, administration frees up much of its associates’ received funds for each one’s support, project expenses, and the underwriting of health care and retirement.