Community Vision International, Inc.

Criteria for CVI2-association of project promoters residing
outside of their project country or region

Revised 5 November 2014

Normally, CVI2 associates reside in or near their project locality, participating as advisers, managers or overseers of the work.

It remains a basic principle of CVI2 that community transformation includes the development of local participants’ responsibility, sufficiency and leadership, within a reasonable period of time. CVI2 is as much a vehicle of professional and of ethical accountability as an accounting service.

In the case of those who reside outside the country or region where their project is located, mainly promoting the project or raising funds for it, we ask applicants to demonstrate or to certify the following points as criteria for association with CVI2.

  • Your project qualifies as a viable community transformation initiative as defined in other CVI2 documents.

  • You visit and spend some time in the project or with its directors in an authoritative, advocacy, advisory or inspection capacity, at least every two years.

  • You and the project directors have agreed to policies and standards that guide project decisions, project activities and community transformation outcomes.

  • You receive at least annual, verifiable management and financial reports.

  • You are convinced that the project abides by local, international and USA laws.

  • You and the project leaders have agreed on a time frame for moving the project to local support.

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