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Partnering with African schools

While growing up in an African village, Janet Kibarabari Stellway witnessed many of the maladies that are all too typical in Africa, including drought, hunger, disease, death, war and rape. As a young child she was kidnapped (later released), witnessed the death of her father in tribal conflict and the death of her cousins to sickness and hunger. For lack of school fees she attended school irregularly until reaching standard eight when lack of money for food put an end to her formal education. "If someone had told me at that time that one day I would return to school, I would not have believed it. There was just no way."

Yet generous benefactors provided Janet with an opportunity to continue her education—at a university preparation center in Africa and a Bible college in Kenya—and obtain a GED in the States.  Janet completed a B.A. degree in social work and international studies in 2006 and is presently working on a Masters degree in Social Work. Her experience has convinced her that others can overcome obstacles to achieve their plans.

Janet's experience has also sensitized her to the importance of quality education, particularly in the developing world. In addition to being a wife, a mother and a full-time student, Janet seeks opportunities to speak in schools, churches and civic groups in an effort to "build bridges of understanding across continent, class and culture." Refusing to forget the dire educational needs of those she "left behind," Janet has spearheaded the development of a program to assist  schools and students in Africa in securing textbooks, building materials and other vital resources.

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