Chris and Marie Bauer

S.E. Asia

Facilitating culturally-sensitive change in indigeneous communities in S.E. Asia

Chris grew up in Germany where he became a skilled tool maker, earning a degree in economics with specialization in entrepreneurship. His first years in Asia, Chris taught literacy to uneducated villagers, while researching culture issues and local felt needs for community transformation.

Marie grew up in Oregon (USA). She studied and worked for several years in Europe. She later lived and worked for eleven years in S.E. Asia, gaining a lot of practical experience in community change. Wherever she has lived, she has learned the local languages.

Chris and Marie met in Singapore in 2004 and married two years later. They have one son. Marie has earned qualification as an Associate Certified Coach. She coaches community workers in S.E. Asia.

Chris & Marie connect specialists with Asian community leaders through organized discussion and action groups. They facilitate projects on community change, and bring people together who can support each other as they work toward strengthening community. Chris and Marie conduct research into community change dynamics, and occasionally organize conferences on community change in Asia.

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