Katie (Baldwin)
and Joyadams Munene

 Katie & Joyadams

Networking international students in Africa

Katie grew up in rural southwestern Oregon where her family actively practiced hospitality. Over the years many stayed in their home, including international workers. This upbringing shaped Katie’s desire to serve in cross-cultural settings. While in high school, Katie lived for three months with a family in South Africa, her first on-site cross-cultural experience.

For five years till 2011, Katie worked with an organization that trains in how to live and communicate in cross-cultural settings. This experience provided her with opportunities to visit overseas partners, as well as to be mentored by colleagues who had served overseas for several decades.

Katie has been invited to join a team in Nairobi Kenya where she will serve with others as a cross-cultural networker for international students, while completing her own M.A. in Communication Development at a local university. Katie views this a further preparation for an eventual deployment in the Middle East.

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Katie G. Baldwin-Munene (P126KGB