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Ajami Literature
Local languages written in an Arabic alphabet

Millions of folk in many countries can only read in an Arabic alphabet, or they prefer to do so.

CVI²-approved Ajami Literature projects provides helpful booklets in common languages, written in an alphabet based on Arabic, following government-approved standards.

This literature deals with health, sanitation, agriculture and other community needs, as well as with the Holy Bible translated into local languages. When you contribute to Ajami Literature, you may designate how to apply your gift:
  • Print and publish community improvement materials in Ajami
  • Print and publish primers for teaching new Ajami writers
  • Hold Ajami writers' training workshops (travel & expenses)
  • Sahel Ajami research, consulting and training (travel & expenses)
  • Print and publish the Bible in Fulfulde Ajami
  • Print and publish Bible portions in Wolof Ajami
  • Print and publish the Bible in Hausa Ajami
  • Print and publish the Bible in Ajami in other Sahel languages
  • Unsure? Write to us for more information. Email:
Those who contribute to Ajami Literature may designate which language, country, project or subject matter with which CVI² projects currently work.

    Ajami Literature (P132AL)

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